CNET: ‘If you’re tired of Microsoft’s promises, Mac OS X Tiger may be your best incentive to switch’

Apple has shipped the latest update to its flagship product, Mac Tiger OS, and has included several useful new features, such as Spotlight desktop search, Smart Folders (which add new items to saved searches), and Safari RSS–all features that Microsoft has promised its Windows users in Longhorn, yet so far hasn’t delivered. We think the new Mac Tiger OS is a solid release and is worthwhile for those who skipped Panther or have waited until Tiger’s release to purchase their new Apple hardware,” Daniel Drew Turner writes for CNET.

Turner writes, “Even casual Mac users will immediately see the difference between 10.4 Tiger and 2003’s 10.3 Panther because of flashy new native utilities, such as Dashboard. In addition to the visible new features, Tiger includes significant overhauls under the hood, debuting a 64-bit architecture to take advantage of more addressable memory space and several core technologies that range from accelerating onscreen graphics to offering new programming interfaces that, if developers take advantage of them, could significantly change how we use computers. If you’re tired of Microsoft’s many promises, or if you’ve been thinking of replacing your PC with a new Mac, Tiger may well be your best incentive to switch. But we’re holding back on our highest honor, our Editors’ Choice designation, until we complete our formal testing. Early indications suggest that Tiger’s a winner, but check back next week for the full story.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ready to welcome plenty of new Mac users!

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  1. Reprint:

    For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have purchased something from ‘TigerDirect’ consider yourself very lucky. A close relative of mine worked for them and the stories he used to tell me of how the company treats its employees and customers, leads me to conclude that the owners (and their lawyers) are just hoping for a big “pay day” by sueing Apple. There are websites all over the ‘Net of ripped off customers warning against doing any form of business with these jokers.

    I cannot believe these bottom feeders are saying they own the rights to the word ‘Tiger’. So if my favorite golfer decides to endorse some new electronics gadget, these degenerates will want to bleed him?

    I hope Steve and Co. go after them with a vengence. That would send a message to all these slimeballs that sit around hoping to make money off someone elses innovation, investment and risk.


  2. More people know that John Kerry still hasn’t signed that pesky form 180 than know that Apple is selling a “new” os. Anecdotally speaking, most windows boxes work fine (if they boot) and most work a lot better than the typewriter + whiteout alternative.

    Do the faithful really want only the switchers who are too dumb to get their wintels to run? It isn’t difficult to do that, so if the cult wants the losers on their side, go for it!

  3. I forgot…..tiger direct does suck, but everything I bought from them did work and was cheap……sata drives, cpus, optical drives, mobos, etc. They may be jerks but they did their job.

  4. Do you know how long its been taking M$ to even up date their os lets see 5 years ago XP came out 2 years Panther came out. Now in two years Longhorn will come out but tommorow Tiger will come out.

    M$-7yrs to upgrade
    Apple-2yrs to upgrade

    Lets think, do you want to use a 5 year old outdated OS to a 1 day old New OS.

  5. You know what is really gonna funny ? When Microsoft copies (poorly) 80% of the features of 10.4…and all of those ignorant bums called IT people say “Cool, look what Microsoft invented”. yup, just like Michael says “Never stop innovating”.

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