Symbiot announces OpenSIMS Dashboard Widgets for Apple Mac OS X Tiger and Tiger Server

Symbiot, a leading provider of intelligent security infrastructure management systems (iSIMS) and risk metrics technology, today announced the company’s commitment to a significant technical contribution to OpenSIMS in support of Apple’s upcoming release of Mac OS X “Tiger” and Tiger Server. The contribution includes two new innovative Tiger Dashboard widgets that allow administrators to view real time attacker attributions and network activity based on Symbiot’s award winning Flash user interface that is running on the server.

“Symbiot has taken advantage of the incredible power and ease-of-use of Mac OS X Tiger and Tiger Server to deliver yet another innovative SIMS technology.” said William W. Hurley II, CEO of Symbiot in the press release. “By utilizing Dashboard Widgets OpenSIMS users will have the ability to view vital security infrastructure management data, on-demand, without having to remain logged into a management console.”

“The hundreds of breakthrough features in Mac OS X Tiger and Tiger Server will change the way people use their computers,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations in the press release. “Symbiot’s OpenSIMS use of
Dashboard widgets to access real time network activity is an excellent example of how developers can use Tiger to create innovative solutions for the enterprise.”

Launched in August of 2004, the primary goal of the OpenSIMS project is to create and maintain a common set of freely available solutions for improving information security management. OpenSIMS, which is based on Java and XML, allows networks to collaborate on attacker profiling and remediation through risk metrics technology, which communicates the significance and impact of specific security threats.

The new features and functionality of OpenSIMS being made to the Apple Developer community and Mac OS X Tiger Server users also represents Symbiot’s commitment to its Forced Innovation Software Model (FISM), in which key features of the company’s proprietary products are contributed to the open source community on a pre-determined schedule. FISM guarantees a rapid development cycle and stable technology roadmap for OpenSIMS, extends the useful life of Symbiot’s products and accelerates innovation across Symbiot’s suite of proprietary offerings.

OpenSIMS is currently available for download at

Symbiot expects the release of updates for Mac OS X Tiger Server to be available sometime in early May. OpenSIMS has been made available by Symbiot under the terms and conditions of the Apache Software Foundation’s 2.0 license agreement with a planned proposal to migrate the project into the Apache Software Foundation’s incubator.


  1. The great thing about Dashboard is that developing and packaging a widget is almost ridiculously easy. So expect to see 3rd-party widgets for everything under the sun.

  2. I have been SO waiting for some really cool widgets for infrastructure management!

    If someone releases a widget to help calculate upholstery thickness I will be SO PUMPED ABOUT TIGER!

  3. it’s just cool. well, very cool. QUIT USING THAT WORD OUT OF CONTEXT. it makes you (and everyone who uses it) look anything but intelligent. And if that’s what you’re trying to portray…then what on earth are you doing on a mac site?? *rolling eyes*

  4. Could the first Mac spyware app come in the form of a widget? What’s to stop a widget from transmitting personal data to a server?

    Just thinking out loud…

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