Nearly every segment of the PC food chain needs Longhorn to succeed

“More than Bill Gates, more than Steve Ballmer, it’s Microsoft’s Jim Allchin who must convince opinion makers and the all-important OEM community that Longhorn, the code name for the next major operating system from Microsoft, is worth the wait. And then the rest of us have to be convinced that Longhorn is the next must-have product in their lives,” Charles Cooper writes for CNET News.

“Mac owners–yours truly among them–will no doubt chuckle at the audacity of some of the coming claims. Rest assured there will be no paucity of hyperbole in the remaining year-and-a-half run-up to the operating system’s debut (assuming Microsoft hits its self-imposed deadline.) …It’s going to be that way because every segment of the PC food chain is desperate for a megahit out of Microsoft,” Cooper writes. “The company, which plans to unleash a massive marketing blitz around Longhorn, needs to create a bigger stir than when it last rolled out a ‘major’ OS upgrade in 2001 with Windows XP [which] was only marginally more interesting than Windows 98 and no amount of marketing hoopla could convince otherwise.”

“Some [Longhorn previews bear] similarities to Apple Computer’s Mac OS X Tiger, which goes on sale later this month. (One critic by the name of Steve Jobs went even further. ‘They are shamelessly copying us,’ he declared during the company’s annual meeting on Thursday.) Whatever its intellectual origin, the new OS clearly marks an improvement over XP and, if you believe Allchin, will go a long way toward answer lingering user complaints about ease-of-use and computer security. In the same breath, I should point out that Microsoft has created many of those same ease-of-use and security issues, but better late than never,” Cooper writes. “Microsoft also needs to turn out a ‘wow’ product with as many useful bells and whistles as it can. This is part computer science, part guesswork, but Microsoft still hasn’t produced a ‘wow’ version of Windows. If Longhorn doesn’t produce the goods, not even a gazillion dollars in marketing funds will make a difference.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So many elements of the personal computer market have themselves shackled to Microsoft and Windows that it’s amazing that Apple has had the success it has with the Mac. This year-and-a-half or longer run-up to Longhorn’s debut will be a study in media and marketing manipulation. Can Microsoft continue to keep people from noticing Mac OS X by pummeling the world with Windows XP ads and Longhorn promises? Since nearly every segment of the PC food chain needs Longhorn to succeed, how far will they go to ensure that it does?

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  1. Microsoft does not have to turn out a “wow” product. DEll and all the others have to use what Microsoft gives them.

    As an owner of Windows XP computers there is no reason to upgrade. The same virus prevention will still be needed with Longhorn (that´s why Windows bought a anti-virus software company).
    Other than that slight irritation, the XP computers work fine, no reason to upgrade….other than buy more Apple computers!

  2. As long as Stillborn can play games, MS will dominate. Afterall that’s all PeeCees with Windoze are good for these days. Gamers are what drive the PeeCee market these days. Business have no need for the latest and greatest PeeCee hardware or MS OS, except maybe for servers.

  3. My humble predictions:
    Longhorn ships late 2006
    Most bragged about features will not be in the shipping product.
    Many windows apps will be broken.
    Huge security issues will show up immediately.
    Everyone who upgrades will have to turn off most security features to get their apps to run.
    Frustrated windows users will reinstall an older version.
    Some will choose to switch to a mac.
    Major patches will be required to function normally.
    Patches will cause more problems.
    And on and on it goes.

  4. We can all imagine that OSX will clean up the floor with Longintooth and functionality it will. But Windows is too entrentched and there are too many individuals/companies that are in bed with Microshaft and Intel to make sure it stays on top. They don’t care if it works well or not. Just as long as it keeps making them money.

    Their is a whole industry built around keeping it working and protecting it from viruses and what not. It’s in their best interest to keep it going too. Is Symantic interested in an OS that is not virus prone or “needs” constant defraging and such?

    Microshaft will always dominate simply because their is too much money too loose if it doesn’t. It is never about functionality or a better/safer OS. That’s just lip service from Microshaft.

  5. Seriously, all the MS Brainwashed I.T. Lemmings will slowly migrate to Longhorn, because, let’s face it, there is nothing else out there for them that MS didn’t regurgitate back up for them.

    Do you honestly think that a large (or even small) percent of the I.T. Lemmings will even look for a viable and/or better alternative to the next step in MS mediocrity that they now pursue. They will just blindly follow each other towards the Cliffs of Longhorn.

    And, Tiger will be waiting on the shores, with mouth open wide, catching all the free-falling, furry, little appetizers.
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”vampire” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Like I said before, How can you compair “Tiger” to something you’ve never seen before? By looking at <fake> screenshots…? If you guys beleive half of what you see on most sites or even MDN, then you’re all in for an F’ing Rude awakening.

    PS : Microsoft will outsell “tigers” year long sales in two weeks. Period
    In 01 MS Sold 70 million copies of XP, in 2 Weeks!!!!

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Gaming Isnt the only thing Windows is good for.
    One of the main things its good for is HARDWARE Choice. Something NONE of YOU are accustomed to. Its too bad I paid 3000 bucks for a dual G5 that “just works” but it “just works” the way APPLE wants it to work.

    You all bitch about MS. Why not take a long look at apple? they arent exactly a model citizen of technology. The iPod keeps them floating and unfortunatly for them..MS will beat em in the long run, why? Product Recognition. You are all mostly in marketing…Their are Three P’s to it. (Product, Packaging, Price) MS may not have a “better’ product no doubt. But if apple doesnt do anything about that then who’s fault is it?

    Apple enjoys a market that MS could only dream of…A group of fanatical, cult like followers that eat, shit, sleep and fart Apple.
    MS has done one thing better than Apple EVER will. INTEGRATE with Hardware and Software Partners.

    Example: We have a ton of apple computers. Our network infrustructure is designed around fiber. We always have TOTL systems.
    However, in the G4’s we had to use 3rd party fiber cards. This was a HUGE investment. Well one year later here we are, G5’s everywhere but no fiber cards, why? Because Apple moved the F’ing PCI Slot 2 nm in on the PCB. So now, we have 150 PCI Fiber channel cards (useless) and have moved to the more expensive less forgiving Transceivers…Thats why apple sucks. The OS Rocks, Hardware is just TOO closed…

    My 2

  7. Actually us lemmings do look at and use other alternatives..Unfortunately, that alt is Linux.

    “And, Tiger will be waiting on the shores, with mouth open wide, catching all the free-falling, furry, little appetizers…” – Larshart

    Yeah, appetizers like Linspire

    PS: You Suck

  8. Gimp,

    I sorry you consider yourself a Lemming and are so defensive if you ARE in that small percentage that actually do consider other alternatives(notice the use of the plural), of which there are many, that are probably more secure, less virus prone and easier to manage.

    You are right about compare Tiger to Longhorn, until it comes out it’s vaporware.

    If you are using linux then why are you getting so bent out of shape about the comments about Longhorn. Me thinks thou does protest too loudly.

    No one ever said that Longhorn wouldn’t outsell Tiger, I don’t think that was actually in question, and if they did I think they were joking. Lighten up.

    As for your G5, you could install Linux or another OS on it if you don’t like OS X.

    The Apple G5 is the choice of Microsoft as the development platform for their next generation XBOX2. So, you can’t say it’s all that bad.

    As for you purchasing and planning on your network infrustructure, Sorry, I had nothing to do with it.

    Oh, and about your comment “PS: You Suck”, I think you need to double up on your blood-pressure medicine.

  9. Gimp,


    “Like I said before, How can you compair ‘Tiger’ to something you’ve never seen before? If you guys beleive half of what you see on most sites or even MDN, then you’re all in for an F’ing Rude awakening.”

    Hmm you’ve seen the final, released Longhorn? Tiger is already shipping and Longhorn is what, 1 1/2 or more years out yet? Apple has plenty of time to polish Tiger before an unproven Longhorn even gets near the streets.

    “Well one year later here we are, G5’s everywhere but no fiber cards, why? Because Apple moved the F’ing PCI Slot 2 nm in on the PCB.”

    So you guys bought a ton of G5’s without checking the specifications, or at least getting one for testing before going into full purchase and deployment (especially with significant revisions from the G4). Brilliant. Unless it’s a non-standard PCI slot (which has been know to happen…), I wouldn’t give blame entirely to Apple.

    As for Longhorn and the PC food chain, unless a big new killer app comes along soon things will get very stagnant in the PC world. Tiger will be a good enhancement to Apple’s killer-app software suite. I see no reason to consider Longhorn without being all-out forced to do so.

  10. “Since nearly every segment of the PC food chain needs Longhorn to succeed, how far will they go to ensure that it does?”

    This is best question I have seen asked by MDN in ages! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Unfortunately, like Congressional elections, it is very hard to unseat the incumbant. But not impossible.

  11. “I wouldn’t give blame entirely to Apple.” – Not Me

    I’d bet you wouldnt put the blame on apple for anything.

    Why not? they control the hardware…
    If its a non-standard pci slot doesnt that give me a reason to bitch? I’ve been using hardware for years and years and never have i seen a change such as this.


    As far as MS using the G5’s in the XBOX2, Thats mostly because its a more proprietary system, less prone to hardware tampering. And of course, its superior nature to x86.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool grin” style=”border:0;” />

  12. Gimp.

    Hmm, we all remember the Gimp from “Pulp Fiction” and how he wound up.

    Seriously, Apple is not perfect and those who claim it is are deluding themselves. But in comparison to what else is out there they beat the others hands down. Sure there are areas they need inprovement on but overall they make a better “widget” than others do. It’s the overall experience and thought they put into it that the others lack.

    I hate people who dismiss them for price without really comparing their offerings. It’s a perception problem the have and they are as much to blame for it as anyone. It’s not to say they are not more expensive (they are) but the price is really not so great as most think. I would pay more for a machine that will give me less trouble and let me do my job well than one that i have to spend almost as much time maintaining or fixing.

    The price structure of a Apple computer is not directly comparable simply because Apple doesn’t make comparable machines to the PC world other than the Power Macs or Laptops. Imacs, mac minis etc have no real comparisons. And they are the low end “consumer” machines.

    And of course most Macs wind up in use far longer than most PCs.
    Hell there is a cottage industry based around upgrades to the Cube.

    Can Apple be better? Hell yeah, they can advertise their products better that might actually appeal or tell the non Apple customer how good their procuct is and what is does. That would be a nice start. Want a bigger migtation to Power Macs? Make them cheaper. Make a little less but sell more. Apple will never be Dell, the Wallmart of computers. But it should work to appeal to the average non tech savy consumer a little better.

  13. All those people whining about how windows sucks because it has to support such a wide breath of hardware: Shut up.

    Here’s why: Hardware manufacturers build for Microsoft. Not the other way around. How many times have you picked up a LAN card, for example, and read those words: Built for Windows XP?
    Hardware manufacturers make their wares compatible for M$, not the other way around.

    Additionally, from a QA/QC POV, I think it’s a good idea for apple to have standardized hardware.
    I know everybody thinks it’s a great idea to be able to scoop up bargain-basement components and drop them in an bargain-basement case with a bargain-basement mobo, etc. and expect it all to work just fine. I guess it’s not suprising that those same people think windows is a fine operating system, or that Linux is easy to use.

    Face it, if you want the ease, power, and dependibility of a Macintosh, buy a Macintosh. It’s just that too many people are frankly stuck thinking there is no alternative to Windows. It’s up the mac faithful to change that, one person at a time if necessary.

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