“Jim Allchin, Microsoft’s group vice president for platforms, looked at my Apple PowerBook and smugly pointed out that the number of copies of Windows sold this year will be more than all the Macintosh computers used worldwide. By the end of 2005, he proudly noted, over 730 million people will be using Windows. ‘Business is good,’ he said, as he began to quickly page through his elaborate PowerPoint presentation,” David Kirkpatrick reports for Fortune.

MacDailyNews Note: Those Microsoft VP’s sure are “smug,” aren’t they? Too bad his elaborate PowerPoint presentation is blown away daily in quality and aesthetics by 6th-graders using Apple’s Keynote.

Kirkpatrick continues, “Allchin, a wiry-built 54-year-old who has been in charge of Windows for almost a decade, is admirably blunt about his own frustrations using the current operating system. It annoys him, for example, that the adjustments necessary to move a laptop from a work to a home network aren’t obvious. Longhorn, he said, will make that process easy, along with many other common tasks [MDN Note: Just like a Mac works already]. If you want a Longhorn machine to automatically configure itself so you can work in a coffee shop, it will [MDN Note: Just like a Mac works already]. If you put in a DVD, the volume will automatically adjust and the video will just start playing full screen [MDN Note: Just like a Mac works already]. “You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time struggling with things,” Allchin said, adding that the number one design goal for Longhorn has been: ‘It just works.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Allchin should be more truthful and state the real goal – “Just try to make Longhorn function like a Mac works already.”

Kirkpatrick continues, “Much has been made in the computer press recently of the surprising similarities between Longhorn and Apple’s upcoming new Macintosh operating system, Tiger… But Longhorn won’t be released for another year and a half. In the meantime, Microsoft has to contend with Apple’s Tiger as well as with Linux’s open-source operating system. Linux is making significant inroads into Microsoft’s markets, especially on servers. And many people, including me, consider Apple to have a superior operating system. But Allchin doesn’t seem to be worried.”

Kirkpatrick writes, “A major ad campaign slated to start in coming weeks will trumpet the notion that you can do many great things using Windows.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apparantly, one of the great thing you can’t do using Windows is create Windows ads, for that, you need to use a Mac. More info: Microsoft launches Windows XP campaign with ad made on Apple Mac.

Kirkpatrick continues, “Allchin called it a ‘celebration.’ But the company will launch an even bigger campaign next year in support of Longhorn. ‘We’ll put massive emphasis on this in terms of marketing and dollars,’ Allchin told me. Windows is only getting started, as far as Allchin is concerned.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Allchin must be an idiot. He certainly sounds like one. He’s been “in charge of Windows for almost a decade.” ‘Nuff said. Oh, one more thing, where’d he get the phrase, “it just works?” Straight from his number one supplier of ideas, of course, Apple Computer: http://www.apple.com/switch/whyswitch/. Stay out of those Apple “Switch” pages, Jim. We know you want to — and who could blame you, being so frustrated by your current operating system — but it’d probably be a tad detrimental to your job security.

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