Music industry worry that Apple’s Steve Jobs has too much power

“When Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs walked into the suites of top record label executives in 2002, iTunes software in hand, he was welcomed as a trailblazer to a digital music future,” John Borland writes for CNET News. “Now, nearly two years after Apple’s iTunes launch, record executives have become worried that they have inadvertently ceded too much power over their industry to this charismatic computer executive.”

MacDailyNews Take: Duh.

Borland reports, “‘We hate the current situation,’ one top record industry executive said, referring to the issue of incompatibility between different companies’ music devices and services. ‘There is one man who’s going to decide this… No record company by itself can basically tell Steve Jobs, ‘You’re not going to get our catalog unless you open up FairPlay to Microsoft.’ We can’t do it together.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, it sound like they’re finally figuring it out (or speaking about it to reporters, at least).

Borland reports, “For the most part, the labels have remained loath to push too forcefully against the company that still accounts for the vast majority of their new online sales. Instead, they are turning hungrily to the mobile phone market, where phones are slowly gaining the capacity to play music. Executives note that there are many times more cell phones than iPods in the world, potentially offering a far larger digital music market.”

Full article, a very interesting read, that gets into the Motorola iTunes phone and more here.


  1. Sure… more phones than iPods, but a mjority of the people with cell phones have no interest in listening to music on their phones or any other device. The people who want to listen to music and have cell phones use an iPod.

  2. I see. And if it were Microsoft with a closed “standard” no one would be squawking about “too much power.”

    If you want to run Mac OS, you need Apple hardware. (I don’t count emulators, as even a real Wintel runs Windows better than VPC.) If you buy from iTMS you need iTunes, and an iPod if you intend to go portable. (Not counting burning to CD, etc.) Why is this so hard for reporters to understand? All other options are open.

  3. They want Apple to open up the iPod to other music stores so that Apple/Steve looses the power it/he has over the music industry.

    Keep giving them the 1 finger salute Steve.

  4. Oh good lord….such impotent weasels. God forbid that someone knows what to do and actually make a decision while the record labels are scratching their balls trying to figure out what to do.

  5. Nice to see the music industry getting it from the other side.

    Good for Apple, maybe they can change music into something that is worth listening too again.

  6. So Apple rescues the music industry from five years of decline and gets treated like shit, whereas they want MS – who promised much and delivered 10% of fsck all – to be handed Apple’s crown jewels.

    There is an old saying that ends “and the horse you rode in on…”!

  7. “MacDailyNews Take: Duh.”

    coffee almost came out my nose … you gotta stop it … i can’t take it anymore.

    seriously, the record companies must have thought “Apple, they’re only a $6bn company, we can control them…”

    As the proverb goes(in my mind, anyway): “Once the barn door is open …”

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