Apple Mac grew four times faster than global PC market last quarter

“So-called emerging markets helped push the global PC market to double-digit unit shipment increases during the first quarter. Total worldwide shipments rose 10.9 percent from the same quarter a year ago to reach 46.1 million during the first quarter, IDC said in a statement on Friday,” John G. Spooner reports for CNET News. “Apple Computer had a strong quarter, with unit shipment growth in the 40 percent range. IDC said the Mac Mini helped shipments, while the popular iPod music player likely added a halo effect to the Apple line.”

Spooner report, “Dell remained the worldwide PC market’s king of the hill during the first quarter. The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker shipped just over 8.7 million PCs, the most in the world, giving it almost 19 percent market share. HP continued in second place, shipping 7.1 million units, and garnered just over 15 percent market share. The two companies grew by 13.6 percent and 10.6 percent, respectively, for the quarter. IBM was a distant third with 2.3 million units. It grew only 2 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple grew three times faster than Dell and four times faster than HP (and twenty times faster than IBM). The Apple Mac platform’s growth year over year is roughly four times that of the global PC market as a whole (and more if Apple’s sales are backed out of the entire market’s numbers). In the quarter before, it was Apple showing growth of 26% vs. 10% for the global PC industry. Does anyone see a trend?

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  1. Apple’s market share looks to be around 2.4 %

    They will need to regularly ship 1.5 M Macs a quarter to garner a 3 % share.

    It will be interesting to see if that happens. Apple have sold over 1M mac for the last two quarters. Can they grow those numbers? Probably if the halo effect is continuing to work.

  2. It´s not where its been, its the fear of where its going.
    Stock boys ask questions like:
    Can Apple sustain this growth? (doubtful)
    Will minimacs cannibalize other sales? (could be)
    Will Powermac sales continue to slide? (could be)
    Why aren´t mac sales even higher? (Hmmmm…)
    Will the new Tiger OS bring in lots of sales? If not…?
    When will iPod sales peak? (Because I want to be out of Apple stock before they do…plus the Business Week cover story on Apple iPod killers just scares me.)

    Stock boys aren´t afraid of making a little money, but they are really afraid of losing lots of money. So first one to bail & take his/her profits while others bail after at a lower price is the hero.
    Stock boys and girlz are like lemmings.

  3. All this is great, but we’ll really know the Mac is getting somewhere when software and service companies start using Mac-compatibility as a selling point to consumers. For example, I remember watching some program on ESPN a month or two ago, and the announcers were pimping some service on The announcer said “And now it works with Mac! Which is great for me…”. It’s little things like that that let you know the platform is gaining traction with the mainstream.

  4. Now that everyone who wanted a mini got one, Apple’s sales numbers should drop back to dismal failure levels.

    Or maybe Apple is starting to get the attention they deserve. I would expact Apple to continue to outpace the PC industry. It will only go so far though until Apple has all the pieces in place to support enterprise markets.

  5. The other buzz that´s going on is with Apple and the iTunes Music store.
    The record companies don´t like it so much – they are even thinking of pairing up directly with the phone companies to bypass Apple, plus the phone companies vetoed the use of phones that can use the Apple music system (remember the now-dead Motorola iTunes phone)…so is maybe Apple stuck in a dead-end alley with the music downloads? – this is it, what you see is what will be – no further expansion into other markets???
    When we stockboys don´t know the answers we think negative, as in sell, sell, sell.

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