RUMOR: New Power Mac G5, iMac G5, eMac models to ship around April 29

“Highly reliable sources have confirmed the specifications of Apple’s forthcoming revisions to its Power Mac G5, iMac G5 and eMac systems, expected to start shipping within a few days of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger’s April 29th release,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Think Secret reports Power Mac G5 will be available in three models, Dual 2GHz, Dual 2.3GHz, and Dual 2.7GHz (the mythical 3GHz mark is still unattainable, it would seem). Katz notes, “Sources were unable to confirm at this time whether the systems will sport the dual-core PowerPC 970MP processor or the single-core PowerPC 970GX, although unconfirmed notes point to the PowerPC 970MP.”

iMac G5 will reportedly hit 2GHz and two eMac models (Combo model and SuperDrive model) will continue to be available and “have their G4 processors bumped from 1.25GHz to 1.42GHz.”

Much more information and specs in the full article here.


  1. Oh how much more of this abuse can we stand? My expectations were set high in the anticipation of a Powerbook G5 (nope), 3Ghz PowerMac (nope), iTunes cellphone (not yet), and a complete office suite from Apple (sorta nope).

    But like a fool, I remain here like an eager 16 year old waiting to get lucky on prom night.

  2. why are upgrades consider “lame”?

    you get a computer and you use it when you need it….use it until new ones announced will give a noticeable productivity gain…that’s the upgrade cycle…yes, it’ll suck if you buy a new one and another faster model gets announce within days/weeks, but if it’s fast when you buy it, it’ll be fast for the forseeable future.

    friends and myself bought mini’s…too bad we didn’t “wait” until Tiger was bundled, but that’s computers…I’ve actually happily been using my computer for 2 months now…nothing Lame about that.

    just buy what you need when you need it and leave the “timing” to day traders.

  3. Take it from somebody who has one. Unless you make your living editing video or some other heavy CPU tasking thing for a living you will never see a significant advantage of a 3gHz CPU over what is currently available. Buy a PowerMac G5, bump up your memory and enjoy.

  4. Did anyone notice that the graphics card being used on the Power Mac, iMac and eMac is the ATi Radeon 9600? This is a card that debuted on the Power Mac G5 in June 2003!

    Aside from the fact that this is an AGP-based card (it’s time for PCI Express – especially on the Power Mac), can you remember a time that Apple has shipped the same graphics card on their high end systems and their low end systems?

    I think this rumor has been ‘Steved’ – that is to say an intentional leak.

  5. One important note made on other sites. These are to be cooler running chips which means they will be able to ditch the liquid cooling. That should mean a significant price drop. That is a great upgrade then!

  6. I think Apple needs to maintain an entry level Power Mac. I don’t think they can offer the dual 2 gig for $1499. That’s $1000 off the current model! I would expect the line up to be more like a single 2 gig model, then a few dual models, like it is now. Nothing more significant than that. It’s more in keeping with Apple’s update patterns.

  7. I’m buying the next upgraded iMac 20´ whatever’s on offer.
    If this rumour is right then I’ll be satisfied – but I’d be more than satisfied if the graphics were given an even bigger boost.
    But the display, CPU, and software taken together make this a very fine computer at a reasonable price.

  8. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> If the iMac G5 really comes with 128mbs of video ram then I’m getting one of those. And now that they will have 512mbs of real memory it’s perfect system for anyone really. Certainly will have the power that was missing in the first generation when it came to video ram for gaming.

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