Analyst: Apple needs to get some exciting products out there or else the Street’s appetite will wane

“Piper Jaffray analyst Eugene Munster said Thursday shares of Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) are likely to feel pressure despite the company posting relatively good fiscal second quarter numbers late Wednesday,” Dow Jones reports. “‘But with Apple expectations always so high, nothing is going to make the Street happy today,’ he said, speaking on CNBC.

Dow Jones reports, “Munster warned that the company needs to quickly ‘get some exciting products out there or else the Street’s appetite is going to wane.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we wouldn’t mind seeing the mythical and now-nearly-a-year-late 3GHz G5 — perhaps thats what Power Mac G5 buyers are still waiting for, since you promised it for last summer, Mr. Jobs? — we still see Apple’s hardware, operating system, and software lineup as its strongest ever. Apple already has plenty of “exciting products out there,” so maybe Apple should buy some TV advertising for something other than the iPod and let the rest of the world know about them? Run the ads on CNBC, at least, so the analysts see them.


  1. What???!!

    How many new products do they need? It’s only April, and five new products have been released already!!

    1. iLife 05
    2. iWork 05
    3. Shuffle
    4. Mac Mini
    5. Tiger

  2. I was ready to buy PowerMac 6 months ago….but not a critical need…so I’d figure I’d wait for the 3GHz+….still waiting. I assume many others are in the same boat.

  3. Plus upgrades to the iPod mini, and price reductions to iPod photo.

    And, by Sunday, upgrades to FCP, DVD SP, Motion and Shake plus possibly another one or two new pro content applications.

    Anytime soon, we might see new dual-core dual-processor Power Macintoshes: personally, I’d start checking delivery times on the existing range in around 10 days.

    And then, we might see a bigger, faster Xserve.

    Didn’t anyone understand the awkwardness of the guy in yesterday’s conference call – I couldn’t tell whether it was Cook or Oppenheim – when asked about future product: after a slightly awkward silence, he said that if he discussed anything during the call he probably wouldn’t be around for the next one. Or the slightly more teaing comment from Oppenheim (I think) where he said that innovation was part of Apple’s DNA.

    Does anyone seriously believe that a Jobs-led Apple is just going to sit around waiting for the industry to play catch-up. Honest to God, I wish I could walk down Wall St. with a baseball bat that had a rusty nail dipped in neat tetanus embedded in the thick end.

  4. I think MCCFR might be right. Mayhaps Apple is developing dual-core dual-processor G5’s that will blow the dual 2.5 out of the water but not have the same heat issues.
    MW= I’m sure there are many good “things” to come!!

  5. Apple has released so many great things of late that they’re going to suffer from the “what have you done for me lately” syndrome from the street.

    But, in a way, they’re right. The general population is just not ever going to get that excited about an operating system. just…not…gonna…happen…ever.

  6. I’m just amazed at this development – the dip in stocks, I mean.
    It’s never looked so good for Apple.
    By the end of summer Apple shares will be well over $50.
    So buy now! I have.

  7. I am so fricking sick of analysts and thier fricking BS. Every little twitch Apple makes produces an avalance of opinions from these guys. I guess Apple is where the action is.

  8. IBM may be dragging their feet on this one to allow the speed/performance of their servers to catch up to Apple’s according to the insight of this writer:

    By Paul Murphy
    12/31/04 5:00 AM PT

    Apple Is Up the Market Without a CPU

    “Much closer at hand is Apple’s immediate problem. Just recently Steve Jobs has had to apologize to the Apple community for not being able to deliver on last-year’s promise of a 3-Ghz G5 by mid 2004. IBM promised to make that available, but has not done so.

    A lot of people have excused this on the grounds that the move to 90-nanometer manufacturing has proven more difficult than anticipated, but I don’t believe that. PowerPC does not have the absurd complexities of the x86, and 90-nanometer production should be easily in reach for IBM. The cell processor, furthermore, is confidently planned for mass production at 65-nanometer sizes early next year.

    This will get more interesting if, as reported on various sites, such as Tom’s Hardware, IBM has been burning the candle at both ends and also will produce a three-way, 3.5-GHz version of the PowerPC for use on Microsoft’s Xbox.

    Whether that’s true or not, however, my belief is that IBM chose not to deliver on its commitment to Apple because doing so would have exacerbated the already embarrassing performance gap between its own server products and the higher end Macs. Right now, for example, Apple’s 2-Ghz Xserve is a full generation ahead of IBM’s 1.2-GHz p615, but costs about half as much.”

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