Apple posts QuickTime movies of Mac OS X Tiger features in action

Apple has posted Quicktime movies that show Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger’s new features. We showed these to a Windows XP guy whose last experience with a Mac was Mac OS 8. He didn’t make it past the “Dashboard” demo. We’re still trying to revive him!

For your convenience, we’ve grouped together all of the movies available from Apple here with the direct links to the various Tiger-related demo movies:

Fast User Switching
iChat AV 3
.Mac Sync
Mail 2
Parental Controls
QuickTime 7 with H.264
Safari RSS

Explore the over 200 new features via graphics and print that are coming on April 29th with Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger here.

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  1. And let the embarrassment of Microsoft officially begin!

    Over 200 new features! Yeh-heh-heh-hessssssss. I mean really, Microsoft — when’s de last time anyone considered anything that Windows did a “feature”?

    Look at the recent news: That skank Britney Spears is pregnant and Apple is mere days away from shipping Tiger. What can happen next? Hey, maybe Ballmer will resign! Yeh-hesssss.

    Life is good.

  2. Okay, I know we’re all excited, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this is something it’s not. It’s a VERY few actual OS improvements, and then a bunch of new integrated add-ins.

    From what they’ve shown us, Mail has no new functionality — just integration with Spotlight. Very disappointing. Mail needs HELP to play with the big boys.

    Quicktime’s big new bell seems to be that you can resize while you watch. Raise your hand if you’re so happy with quicktime that you ever took the time to request this feature? They claim h.264 does wondrous things with file sizes, but you’ll notice they never SHOW you the file size of that House of Flying Daggers preview, do they?

    Dashboard is just an integrated version of Confabulator, which you already have if you want it, and Automator is just macros. Windows has been doing this since Win95 and its’ embarrassing that Apple’s only just getting around to it.

    Fast User Switching and Expose are not new. Why do they insist on putting them on all the “new features” pages?

    To me, Spotlight is the only potentially great change. h.264 if it turns out to be as good as they say, but they’ve spoken in such vague terms about it that I doubt it will deliver.

    They’re dressing a couple of new features up in pretty clothes and counting each button as a separate feature, and youse guys are drooling over it. Do NOT believe the hype. This is a maintenance upgrade to 10.3, with some application upgrades thrown in.

  3. As I sit at my wide screen 17″ Powerbook, I’ve noticed the proportions of the screen used in the Mac OS X Tiger videos. It’s not from the current 16:9 wide screens Apple now sells. The aspect looks more like twice as wide as high, 2:1 ?

  4. From what I’ve read, Tiger offers a significant speed boost over Panther. It sounds like along with the eye candy, there are a lot of enhancements under the hood. I don’t understand how someone can criticize the OS without actually using it first.

  5. These videos are new because the Dashboard demo clearly has the Apr. 29 date shown on the calendar widget.
    I like the new “waves” effect in Dashboard. I wonder if this will be available for other apps like the Genie effect. Also, the widget flip motion and widget selection bar are new to the OS. I wonder if these effects have been transitioned to other apps as well.

  6. I’ve looked at the old videos that were posted pre-Tiger release date announcement. Those videos were not done in wide screen format. These new videos are wider and different from the originals. Either these were done on a wider screen or they have been doctored to look like there from a wide screen.

  7. Mac Skeptic,
    I suggest that you do a little more reading on the Mac OS X pages.
    > Mail has been dramatically updated from the interface to performance.
    > Dashboard is similar in looks only to Konfabulator. Ever try to make on of those widgets? Dashboard is HTML and CSS – any half competent web designer can make countless widgets, quickly. Less experienced people can grab Dreamweaver or GoLive and get to work. Konfabulator has/has its own little javascript-ish closed way of working. Dashboard uses open standards and technology.
    > Quicktime 7 and H.264 is SCALABLE. This means that significantly smaller files can deliver higher fidelity and resolution. Think streaming video and movie downloads. Video on phones. Video iPod. High qaulity content with web delivery. For the record, I frequently resize the player window and it is already amazing that it handles it as well as it does. Try it with Windows Media Player or the RealPlayer. Hah!
    > Automator is waaaay more than Macros. It is building on the solid base of AppleScript which allows an user to make custom scripts or apps to make the OS and Apps do almost anything. No it is earier and more powerful to basically build your own apps.

    You don’t even mention the improvements to iChat whcih is already head and shoulders above any other chat or video conference app. It now blows them all away.

    This is all about both Security and power in the hands of the User. Tiger is big – there is a lot under the hood that looks very simple on the surface.

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