Analyst: ‘Microsoft’s Longhorn is going to have hard time upstaging Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger’

“Well, as announced [yesterday] morning, Apple’s OS X Tiger will ship on the 29th and that’s the reason I’m in SF this week. I spent some time with Phil Schiller [on Monday] and got an in depth look at Tiger. I purposely held off writing anything until the vendor glow wore off a bit but this morning I’m still convinced that Tiger is a big deal and it just might be the the best OS on a PC I have ever seen for productivity use… The reason? Spotlight. Integrated search just works so much better at the OS level and when it’s integrated into everything. For the first time users aren’t constrained to or forced to learn the intricacies of a hierarchal file system. It doesn’t matter where on my disk the information is or even if its sitting in my email. Spotlight finds it and then lets me manipulate it,” Michael Gartenberg writes for JupiterResearch.

“There’s a lot more in Tiger, iChat2 runs rings around msn messenger for video chat and Dashboard is just plain cool. The real hit for me though is Spotlight and the integrated OS and application functions. Tiger is a real leap in OS functionality and Microsoft is going to have hard time to upstage Tiger with Longhorn,” Gartenberg writes.

“The real challenge that Apple has is to make sure people understand what they’ve done here. They need to turn up the volume on this several notches so that they don’t get lost in the checklist wars, i.e., we have search, they have search… There’s a real experiential difference here in what Apple’s offering and if you spend far too much time organizing your stuff or just can’t find it again, you need to take a close look at Tiger. What’s missing? Not much for me. I’d like to see RSS persistent so I can read and search offline and I wouldn’t mind seeing MSFT add Spotlight for Entourage. Otherwise, for the moment, this OS is nirvana for productivity,” Gartenberg writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: One teensy, weensy, little point: Longhorn is vapor. Of course Longhorn is going to have a hard time upstaging Mac OS X Tiger — Longhorn doesn’t exist! It’s a reality vs. fantasy kinda thing. Tiger ships on April 29, 2005 (in sixteen days), quite unlike Longhorn’s constantly slipping, literally year(s) away ship date. The obvious fact we’re about to unleash reads like the joke that it is: Microsoft’s competitor to Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger is Windows XP.

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  1. Yeh-heh-hesssss, MDN — Longhorn is indeed vapor. And as we all know, vapor usually smells. In this case, like dead cattle.

    Or the stench emanating from Ballmer even on a relatively cool 60 degree day.

  2. I purposely held off writing anything until the vendor glow wore off a bit but this morning I’m still convinced that Tiger is a big deal and it just might be the the best OS on a PC I have ever seen for productivity use (I’m still waiting for Apple get produce a 10 foot UI for media centric functions).

    This guy must have gotten a special copy of Tiger because Mac OS X doesn’t run on a PC, except for that secret copy hidden deep into Cupertino’s vaults.

  3. Let the praise begin. I wonder if Apple is finally going to start to market their computers and OS now that Tiger is announced. It’s time for Apple to gain overall market share. I’m really sick of Microsoft.

  4. It really is crazy that Longhorn is even referred to at all, much less as often as it is. I say that Apple makes crap up too and next week announces that on the same day Longhorn ships they plan to ship OS X Lion, which will throw out the mouse in favor of a revolutionary headband set up and will do everything simply by you thinking it. Then as Longhorn nears reality Apple can push the date back a year or two for Lion but everyone will naturally compare Longhorn to this upcoming revolutionary OS. Then Apple can slowly drop features that do not exist, but by that time the damage will be done.

    Longhorn is vaporware so far. Just because nobody seriously doubts that Microsoft will eventually release it doesn’t make it any more real.

  5. I like that: one teeeensy weeensy little point…

    MS has shown the GUI for Longhorn (which looks like MS Encarta, circa 1998–not bad) and is slavishly taking notes off the Apple website for ‘nifty, neato, innovations’

    And something the journalists ALWAYS miss: Panther has Search already. MS still has the old school (slow) search. Panther has search built into every finder window already, it’s just Spotlight is way faster and searches waaaay more than just filename and metadata.

    If XP had search like Panther, built into the OS, it would be an improvement.. as it is.. Longhorn isn’t going to fully materialize until about 2007.. at which point Mac users will say, “Huh? The party started ages ago…” And Bill Gates and Thurrott will stand proudly, hand in hand and say, “If you ignore the iPod Company, we’re pretty innovative”

    Sorry it gets a little hot and heavy from there..

  6. DudeMac:

    Red the sentence right before that one, “I spent some time with Phil Schiller yesterday and got an in depth look at Tiger.”

    The author met with Phil. It was on Phil’s Mac that he saw Tiger.

    It is also not impossible to know someone with a developer version of Tiger.

  7. You know, MDN made me realize something. In a way, MS has *already* won this OS round. Right, Longhorn isn’t even here, but people are comparing Tiger to Longhorn, NOT XP!!!! From Microsoft’s perspective, that’s just huge!!! Even Apple is playing into that game, with the whole “start your copiers” talk.

    Apple needs to come out strong and compare Tiger to MS’s latest OS, XP, NOT Longhorn. Otherwise, they run the risk of having PC buyers saying “I can’t wait.”

    They need to say “this is what we offer *today*, and this is what they offer *today*. By the time Longhorn comes out, Apple may have moved on to Lion, or whatever it will be called.

  8. Longhorn is better. Unlike Apple’s OS, Longhorn exists only in the Magical World of Fantasy, where supermodels swarm adoringly around me, massaging my shoulders and whispering sweet little adulations to me.

    Tiger exists in the boring old Real World, a world ruled by Texas yahoos with billionaire buddies and corporate criminal cronies.

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