Hewlett-Packard expands branded iPod lineup, announces ‘Apple iPod photo from HP’ models

Hewlett-Packard today announced that it has expanded its line of branded iPod digital music players by introducing models that allow users to carry more songs and store and view photos. HP said its “Apple iPod photo from HP” line now includes 30GB and 60GB models that can store up to 25,000 digital photos that can be displayed on the devices’ high-resolution color screen.

The company set the retail price for the “Apple iPod photo from HP” 30GB model at US$349, while the 60GB model is US$449. HP said it continues to offer the “Apple iPod from HP” 20GB model for US$299. The 40GB model has been discontinued.

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  1. To those of you who said HP didn’t get anything out of the HP-iPod deal, that alone should be enough proof to you that they are getting enough out of it to make it profitable. I mean, com’on, if you can’t beat them, join them – and look, HP is the #2 HD MP3 player maker (I’m pretty sure). So bam.

  2. How do you export the photos? Did HP do an iPhoto equivalent? Will they support import from a camera?

    It’s important to have HP onside in the format war with Microsoft.

  3. HP is making big inroads into the photo developing, photo sharing, photo printing market – this HP photo iPod will really go well with their customer base.

  4. The story should read
    “HP maintains the crown of number two HD-based digital music player”

    Not only do they maintain number two, but they aren’t spending anywhere near the money Sony, Samsung, Creative, etc. are spending!

    Clever, HP, very clever!

    MDN Magic Word “group”
    In the Digital Music Player world, there’s Apple, then HP, then the “group”.

  5. al – there’s no reason to believe they’ve added anything to these ipods i would be very surprised if there’s anything different between these and the ones apple sells other than the hp logo (and the default fs will probably be fat32)

  6. Al, the HP version will use the same method as the Apple version for Windows uses. From Apple’s web site:

    <i>”Working in conjunction with iPhoto on a Mac or with Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on a Windows PC, iTunes 4.7 lets you transfer images directly from your camera or your photo library to iPod photo.”<>

    The web is a wonderful thing, once you know how to use it…

  7. It is very smart: they save $100m developing both an iTunes player and and music store, they take zero risk, they get ‘coolness’ for free, only keep inventory of what they cal sell. The HP reps can use the iPods ‘officially’! They add it to all their product catalogs that go into all the HP and Compaq IT departments who would never get an Apple catalog, plus have an item they can use as an incentive to buy another dozen PCs (a free iPod). Keeps their Unix users happy too, since it gives the thumbs up to Microsoft.

    Everybody is a winner (well, except MS, Creative, etc…)

  8. They sell HP iPods at Costcos – what more can you ask.

    Fact is dudes – it’s all about getting as many Pods into the punters hands. Apple will use any distribution channel they can find and HP is a biggie.

    If HP sell 500K to mostly a market that Apple doesn’t have access to, that’s significant.

  9. And Holy, just think. IF the iPod ever loses steam, THEN they can come up with their own thing OR license someone else! I’m sure HP looked at the balance sheet and realized they couldn’t say NO to dollars, regardless of WHAT they thought of Carly. What’s the use of INVENTing the wheel, when there’s already a fully functional car out there raring to go? Why should a computer company be making a Music Player anyway (Dell DJ)?

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