Apple Mac mini now available at 671 Best Buy retail stores

“Apple now selling the $499 computer at Best Buy, the second big retailer to carry the little PC,” Reuters reports. “Apple Computer Inc. has started selling its Mac mini computer at retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. stores, the second large electronics retailer to carry the slim $499 PC, the company said Tuesday. Apple rolled out the Mac mini, which is sold without a monitor, keyboard or computer mouse, in January, taking solid aim at making its products more affordable for the masses. It’s the cheapest Macintosh to date.”

“Privately held CompUSA Inc. also sells the Mac mini. Best Buy also sells iPods and iPod accessories in its stores, but no other Macintosh computers than the mini, Best Buy spokesman Kevin Cockett said. The mini is now available at the retailer’s 671 U.S. stores,” Reuters reports. “Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said in a statement that it was ‘pleased to offer’ the Mac mini at Best Buy. Shares of Apple rose 2 percent Tuesday to close at $41.89 on Nasdaq. After more than tripling in 2004, Apple shares have risen 30 percent so far this year.”

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  1. Now Bestbuy just needs an Apple software section. I was there yesterday looking for Doom 3 and those morons were like “duhhh check and see if the pc version is also mac compatible duhhh”.

  2. Just HOPE the sales people are knowledgable. I remember talking to a salesperson when the first iMac was sold there (way back!) and the salesperson said, and I quote “the Apple iMac is the worst computer ever made… we should stop carrying them…” needless to say I gave him a piece of my mind.

    Here’s to hope!

  3. It may not have been so daft to suggest checking the PC box. It might have been that the CD was dual format. If the Mac can read a PC disk, and the software (as opposed to the data – textures, maps, etc, which would be the same) is small, then it might make sense to ship a dual format game.

    OK. It’s a long shot, but not impossible.

  4. Firefox’s new pop-up blocker is working smashingly. I haven’t had an annoying pop-up in a while and even MacDailyNews’ ad was blocked again. whoopie

  5. Prediction: Gone from Best Buy by end of year.
    Reason: Apple does not promote, Apple does not Market, Apple does not Advertise it´s computers or OS. (And if they did, they do it ineffectively – lots of loopy feel good stuff, with no facts.)

    All of Apple´s marketing budget is allocated to making the Apple stores (more) profitable on paper.

    Job´s is praying for a grassroots hip/cool in social movement like he got with the iPod. The macmini is not an ipod.

  6. We can only hope that Apple will finally start marketing its OS with Tiger. A few quick images of Dashboard, Spotlight, Fast User Switching and Expose should speak for themselves.

  7. Personally, I would never consider buying anything from Best Buy. After experiencing their incredibly poor support first hand, I’m surprised they are still in business.

  8. In regards to Apple advertising the mini, I’m all for it. It seems many believe that Apple is waiting for Tiger or the next revision of the mini. Whatever is is, I commented on that about a month ago and was met with some grumpy feedback on the subject:

    (sorry if this is viewed as a plug – I just wanted to weigh in on the advertising aspect)

    Best regards,

  9. RC who knows.. cannibalization maybe..

    The Apple Stores themselves ARE the advertising… people go in the buy ipods.. so macs.. etc etc..

    The key is… Apple’s big problem has always been distribution.. with backordered Mac minis.. and now this deal… it’s a huge step towards great distribution..

  10. RC – When demand is outstripping supply, there’s no need to advertise on TV. The print ads Apple does in targeted magazines is very effective.

    There’s a big thread on this subject over on Several BestBuy employees have commented that they are receiving tech and sales training on the mini and are excited about it. I guess we’ll soon see whether the training and excitement filters down to all the blue shirts on the floor or not.

  11. PS – Best Buy will also promote the mini in the Sunday circulars. As you may or may not know, manufacturers usually pay the sellers for these such promotions.

    When supply catches up with demand, and as sales continue to grow, it may again make sense for Apple to spend money on TV ads.

  12. 1 more PS –

    The Best Buy Geek Squad is also getting training on adding RAM, BlueTooth, etc to the minis. Apple’s training packets included putty knifes and sandpaper! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  13. Hey Hywel, the reason it wouldn’t be in the same box is because Doom 3 for the PC is done by ID_Software, while for the Mac it’s done by Aspyr. The only time they are in the same box is when they are done by the same company, a good example of this is World of Warcraft.

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