It’s official: Apple acknowledges Best Buy to carry Mac mini models

“Apple Computer’s Mac Mini is finding its way to more store shelves, with Best Buy planning to carry the $499 computer nationwide,” Ina Fried writes for CNET News. “Mac fans have noted that the diminutive desktop appeared on some store shelves last weekend, and Merrill Lynch issued a research note on Monday talking about the potential impact of such a move. Apple confirmed the plans on Tuesday.”

“‘We are pleased to offer Mac Mini at Best Buy stores nationwide,’ Apple said in a statement to CNET… Best Buy has been selling Macs online and also carries the iPod in its stores… Kevin Cockett, a Best Buy spokesman, said the retailer was ‘excited’ to begin carrying the Mac Mini in all of its stores. ‘It’s the latest innovation from Apple and strengthens Best Buy’s assortment of computers,'” Fried reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s see if this one sticks. Let the Sears rumors begin!

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  1. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”oh oh” style=”border:0;” /> For most of us that’s a big yawn. For the masses, well, hope they seek out some friendly web help if they have any issues. Maybe Best Buy will actually do some training this time. One can hope.

  2. Anyone else tired of the on-again/off-again retailers for Apple hardware? Will Best Buy provide better service? Maintain the Mac demo units so that they actually function when a prospective buyer attempts to test one out? Stock and conveniently locate key Mac software so that a potential Mac buyer understands that the necessary software is readily available?

    Increased exposure at retailers is not necessarily a good thing (e.g., Sears selling iMacs).

  3. Several Best Buy employees also said they were “excited” about stocking the Mac mini.

    “Normally when I spread FUD about Macs, so I can steer our customers over to our Wintel shitboxes, I like to refer to them as ‘toys.’ ” said one BB computer department employee. “The Mac mini will really help me play that up. I mean, look at the thing. There’s no way that could hold a serious computer that features cutting-edge, legitimately easy-to-use software and immunity to viruses and malware.”

    The employee said the staff was looking forward to adorning the mini with pink bows to accentuate its sheer girliness compared to the hulking, powerful, masculine Wintel boxes alongside it.

    “We just know we can’t put it right next to the iPods, though,” he said. “Or else people might start to make the connection.”

  4. How many times will it take before Apple learns? Best Buy is NOT a good venue for selling Apple Computers! The salespeople there are all Windows PC oriented, know nothing about the Mac, and add to the perception that Macs are not real computers. The customers are all cheapskates, looking for $300 machines that come with monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Best Buy is the WORST POSSIBLE VENUE for selling Apple products.

  5. “Let the Sears rumors begin!”

    You mean Kmart. Although, as I understand it, they will be keeping the Sears name.

    Still, I’m waiting for a “Blue-Light Special”–iMac minis in aisle 5…

  6. “The salespeople there are all Windows PC oriented”

    Actually, the salespeople there are Spiff oriented. If I, as a salesperson, can make $50 selling a Gateway PC versus making $0 selling a Mac, which would I promote?

    Hm. Tough call…NOT.

  7. Follower’s satire makes a good point. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of Best Buy shoppers don’t see the mini as a serious computer. Their logic will be something like…

    “hmmm, it’s only a tenth of the size of the E-Machine sitting next to it so it must not be able to do much… Oh yes I was right because it only half the Ghz speed as everything else. And so much for Apple’s supposed high-quality, the picture is horrible on this 15in. CRT display that it’s hooked up to…. What, it doesn’t even come with Windows??!!… and why doesn’t it have fifty gazillion ports in every conceivable spot like all the other computers? Must not be upgradeable… and so forth”

    The more I think about it, the more I can see why Apple is building so many Apple retail stores. A person’s first experience of a Mac really should be in its proper environment – in an Apple store with knowledgeable people around. What Best Buy should do is hook it up to one of their HD TVs while wirelessly sending the sound to a nice home theater system via Airport Express. Let the consumer actually see how useful and practical it can be.

  8. A former Fry’s employee explained to me how he was trained to steer people from the Mac aisle to the PC aisle because there’s more margin in the PCs. I’ve actually tested Fry’s salespeople on this and I believe he’s right.

  9. I think Apple needs to expand on that cute multilingual “Welcome” screen. Now that they are using a DVD to store the software backups, why not include some interactive tutorial videos and hand holding applescripts to help newbies understand what they can do with a Mac and guide them through using the included software. I know the software is intuitive, but one has to consider the little old lady from Pasadina. It could even link into the .Mac system to provide tutorials in ALL languages that are supported.

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