97,467 Microsoft Windows viruses vs. zero for Apple Mac’s OS X

“Most Mac users gaze on smugly as reports of each new Windows security crisis break. And they have good reason – research from Sophos PLC showed that 68 viruses have affected the Mac while 97,467 have affected Windows. Of those 68, most are a decade old or older and don’t directly affect OS X,” Digit Magazine reports.

“However, although it may seem that there’s no reason to worry about security on your Mac, you shouldn’t think you’re completely safe. Apple’s regular Security Update releases prove that there is cause for concern, and common sense suggests that you’re most vulnerable when you let your guard down,” Digit reports. “So how can you tell the difference between scaremongering and true dangers? We examined nine common beliefs about Mac security – and show you what you really need to worry about.”

MacDailyNews Note: We could only find six, not nine, common beliefs explored by Digit’s article:
• Mac users don’t need to worry about viruses: False
• You’re vulnerable to Windows viruses if you run emulation software: True
• Mac users don’t need to worry about spyware: True
• When I’m using a wireless network at home, I’m totally safe: False
• When I’m using a public hotspot, all of my passwords are being stolen: False
• The Mac’s default security settings are all you need to protect your computer from hacker attacks: False

The six points above are explored and explained in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Mac OS X users have 0 viruses vs. Windows 97,467 viruses. Yikes!

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  1. “So how can you tell the difference between scaremongering and true dangers?”

    it’s easy. Until there ACTUALLY IS a virus, everything is scaremongering.

    be smart and run virus protection software in the event something actually DOES happen, be smarter and realize there ISN’T any cause for concern as of right now…be SMARTEST and don’t make your virus protection anything by symantec!

  2. The real story is Mac OSX is more secure than windows; period. I am sick of all these people saying it is because the user base is so small. HOGWASH!


  3. MDN.. with all those links to articles.. it’s almost like…a full screen of links..

    like.. the

    blue screen of..

    yeah.. lol

    BTW.. the point of an article telling me that I’m not as safe as I think.. is quite enjoyable to read.. NOT.

    Tell you what.. why don’t you start doing some reporting when someone gets ‘busted’ for not spending a dime on securty software on a mac.. thanks.. spare me the heresay and rhetoric and FUD

  4. That’s because no one cares about the crApple OS. What iteration is coming next, WoodPussy? In related news, a Mac was sold in Belgium, worldwide marketshare is now up 100 percent!

  5. “97,467 Microsoft Windows viruses vs. zero for Apple Mac’s OS X”

    So thats, 97,467 Viruses, that I’ve never had before.

    And as far as crApples MarketShare goes. Well, Its pretty much common sense. If you’re going to do the most damage to the world body, how would you do it? Go after Windows Users or after Mac users. It is a valid point. If you really beleive your own rhetoric about that issue, well, thats your opinion. But If I were to write a virus, it would be for windows. Period.

    Furthermore, crApple’s Security through Obscurity allows them to enjoy what MS doesn’t. People post exploits to the web daily for Windows. If someone were to do the same to Apple, I can assure you that Apple’s legal team would be all over them. They say it on there own f’ing website. So its no myth.

    From apples security update site (Quote)

    “For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available”

    Argue about it all you want. Read BS stories about it all you want, Its still the truth. It is true that OS X is more secure by design. However it isn’t immune to viruses. Its also not immune to scripts. I would say, that as the OSX user base grows, you will see more and more attacks. (If it grows at all) Most assholes (I say assholes because thats what they are, dishonest, disruptive people)target windows because of their dislike for MS. The point is that all of you will bitch at people stealing software or music. But you blame MS for other peoples madness. Typical of a Mac Bigot.

  6. Products and services are compelling when they address a need. I’m having a real problem with all these snake oil guys who write that we need to stay vigilant and buy anti-malware applications when there is no evidence that malware is likely, let alone honestly even possible. Would I have any luck offering a service offering to protect computers from aliens? I suppose, probably a lot greater once my neighbor’s machine gets screwed up by one.

  7. It upsets me every time an article mentions OSX as if it were new and rarely used. It is UNIX you dolts!! The largest of institutions utilize UNIX as their core operating system and, as such, it has had a very long history of attacks and infiltrations. THAT is why OSX is so safe; not because it is obscure, but because it is so widely used!!!

    When a program such as UNIX is open source, you have some of the best minds throughout the world working independently towards improving it. You aren’t limited to a building full of geeks on the MS payroll performing the minimum work required to receive a paycheck at the end of the day.

  8. Of that 97,000 I wonder how many of thos affect XP and the current versions of Explorer (since it’s still a part of the system)…..certainly NOT 97,000. The number just keeps getting bigger and bigger without regard to the latest OS (since MDN pointed out the 68 were for the OLD Mac OS basically they are not counted) and the latest Explorer or ANY Explorer that runs on XP.

    Just a thought.

    My family and I cannot wait for Tiger. It will be a nice upgrade.

  9. Slow news day…

    97,000 virues…yeah, sure.

    Like saying there are 1 bazillion human flu viruses….probably were, in the total history of humanity.

    This over negative hyping will just backfire on Apple.
    And—got to say it – got a Peecee (using it write now) never had a single of the 97,000 viruses MDN loves to hype.

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