Microsoft dismisses threat of Apple’s ‘iPod Halo Effect’

“Microsoft claims it is still on track to deliver the Longhorn next generation of the Windows operating system during the second quarter of 2006 despite knock-on delays from XP Service Pack 2, and has dismissed Apple’s claims of the iPod ‘halo effect’ denting the PC market,” Jo Best writes for Longhorn’s “development process was already delayed when security developers were pulled off working on Longhorn to contribute to XP SP2. ‘It’s the internal culture – anything to do with security, we get it out the door as soon as possible. The more pain the customer feels, the worse it is for us,’ Crossley told”

Best reports, “With Apple’s own next gen OS, Tiger, widely expected to debut this month – almost a year before Longhorn’s scheduled release – Apple execs have hinted they expect to be copycatted by Redmond rival. Crossley said she expected technological crossovers but denied they would be deliberate. ‘We do a load of research into what people want and funnily enough so does Apple – it’s not hard to work it out… Will I be surprised if there are similarities? No.’ And despite reports to the contrary, Crossley said Redmond has seen no halo effect from iPod users shunning PCs in favour of Macs. ‘We haven’t seen it yet,’ she said. ‘We’re not happy about losing any market share,’ Crossley said. ‘We worry less about ‘losing share’ and more about what else we can get into… we want to do it all.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s hardly newsworthy that Microsoft strives to be a Jack of all trades and ends up being a master of none, but to hear that they haven’t seen iPod users shunning PCs in favor of Macs “yet” implies that they do expect it in the future even while others are seeing the effect happening already.

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  1. Holy cow! MDN must have lost a lot of readers over that pop-under fiasco. That’s two first posts in a row!

    One question: what do I do if the FastClick opt-out cookie doesn’t work? It works on my PowerBook, but my PowerMac G4 with identical OS X (10.3.8) and Safari versions (latest) still gets the pop-unders.

    Quite annoying as no doubt some of you will find this post as well…

  2. “The more pain the customer feels, the worse it is for us.”

    Yeh-heh-hessss. How fitting! Really, on the weekend the pope dies Ms. Crossley is talking about putting Microsoft’s customers in pain. Yessss, how Christ-like. There’s a big difference, though, isn’t there? I mean, there are certainly no saviors working at Microsoft. Know what I mean? Yeh-hessss!

    And it’s pretty frickin’ obvious why she hasn’t noticed the iPod halo effect. I mean, come onnnn, she’s a Microsoft minion. The devil has a hard time seeing any halo’s!

    Hey, I keed the Redmond anti-christ.

    Okay, not this time!

  3. What the hell has happened to Tiger … I thought it was supposed to be announced on the 1st April and ship on the 15th?

    Are we going to see it this month?

  4. Hey Porch Monkey, without Apple, Dell and Microsloth would have absolutely *NO* R&D. They wait for Apple to create, then they do a half assed job at copying it.

    BTW, looks like you must care about Apple if you read a web site dedicated to news about the Apple Mac.

  5. Well said PorchMonkey. People with real computers don’t even give crApple a second thought. crAppple’s “increase” in market share is like a paper clip being tossed at a sherman tank. It really doesn’t make any differance to what the real world does.

  6. A few hundred or a few thousand PC-owning people buying a macmini does not a “halo effect” make. It would take hundreds and hundreds of thousands quarterly switching to Apple to make a dent.

    I really doubt there will be any significant people changing from PC to Mac because of the iPod or Tiger. Heck, the iPod works fine on a PC.

    And, Tiger et al, Steve Jobs hopes/relies on social change advertising – hoping there are people that convince others to buy his products – a grassroots type movement. Jobs does not know how to advertise or promote his computers or OS to the general PC-buying public (which 95%+ of the market).

    I´m predicting 97-99% of people buying a new Apple computer with Tiger OS in it will be current Apple owners – ecspecially the millions still running or having an Apple with OS 8 or 9 in it.

  7. Andy, I keep seeing posts about the pop-unders, but you’re the first I’ve seen to acknowledge the opt-out instructions yet still get them. I haven’t seen any pop-ups or -unders. Like some other MDN visitors, I am using PithHelmet, a filter for Safari. You can find it on VersionTracker and MacUpdate.

  8. Hey, Handsdownyourpants — Come up for air some time and give your palms a rest! We’re tired of cleaning up after the likes of you!

    If you all weren’t so concerned that your dark lord from Washington is starting to show some cracks, you wouldn’t be posting on a Mac site. Take your syphillitic backsides home to the Tower of Gates and let Ballmer stroke some more money out of you for, you know, virus protection, spyware protection, protection from Windows upgrades, XP Service Pack 2 protection, trojan protection . . . oh, you can forget the last one. Trojans are things you use with girls. You’ve no need for them.

  9. why do you trolls read the news on this site? to hear you speak, it is of no relevance to any of you. i don’t understand why you would waste your time with news about such an inferior platform…. hmmmm… jealosy?

    no! who said that?!

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