Apple CEO Steve Jobs tops Forbes’ CEO Approval Tracker for 21st straight month

“They may be getting a little nervous in Cupertino, Calif. Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs has historically dominated our CEO approval ratings, scoring the top spot for 20 straight months. In February, he even broke his own record with a 95% approval rating, the highest ever recorded in the survey,” David M. Ewalt writes for Forbes.

“But evidence of resurgent growth in the semiconductor industry threatens to topple the iCEO. In March, two chipmaking chiefs surged in the polls, and Texas Instruments’ Richard K. Templeton managed to tie Jobs for first place, both with a whopping 94% approval rating,” Ewalt writes.

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  1. Looky, looky . . . another peanut gallery heard from! “The Forbes’ CEO Approval Tracker”. Yeh-heh-hessss. I, too, used to care about things like this. Then a funny thing happened: I invested in Apple. And now I realize something amazing . . .


    Come onnnn, people. Seriously. This list is about as useful as t*ts on a bull. Or my t*ts. Look, I’m all for success. Give me a high AAPL stock price any day. And growing market share — yeh-heh-hesss, that’s good too. But approval ratings??? Give me a break! This reminds me of the early days and every Tuesday when the ratings book would come out and Conan used to pace around the office like a virgin on her wedding night. Or himself on his own wedding night! Hey, I keed. But I mean, really — what’s de point? Keep making the great products and the competition will fall of their own weight. Yeh-heh-heh-heh-hesssssssss.

    Kind of like de way it sounds when Ballmer slips in the tub!!!

  2. I never thought my view of the value of someone’s life would ever fall so low as to say the following, but it has happened. I would like to see Triumph killed, just to spare me from seeing his/her postings. Like a gruesome car wreck, I have to read them even though I know it will only get my blood boiling. WTF is with the “yeh-heh-hesss” and the “I keed” crap?

  3. Triumph The Insult Comic Dog is a puppet character on the Late Show with Conan O’Brien. The character speaks with a spanish accent and usually his one true punchline is “for me to POOP on!” “yeh-heh-hesss” is his laugh, and of course, “I keed” is “I kid” with a spanish accent.

    There is such a thing as “scrolling” past the people you don’t want to read.

  4. ^ Hey, buddy — I don’t poop in tubs. I’m not into that.


    Okay, okay. I keed.

    But seriously . . . it gets in de fur — it’s just a mess.

    And to be quite honest: Ballmer’s not even worth my POOP!

  5. DakRoland: Thank you very much. The check’s in the mail.

    And “Killer”, why don’t- hey, wait a minute. I once knew a pinscher named Killer. A real bully. Used to push around all of the little dogs in the neighborhood. Yeh-heh-hessss. Then one day I pooped on him when he wasn’t looking. He cried like a baby.

    Turns out he was queer.

  6. Triumph makes me laugh. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

    The dude’s got a sharp sense of humor. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. Well done Steve …

    As an aside – watched the Pixar movie – “The Incredibles” recently – what’s the deal with Intel processors being used for rendering?

  8. from Pete:
    “Well done Steve …

    As an aside – watched the Pixar movie – “The Incredibles” recently – what’s the deal with Intel processors being used for rendering?”

    It says at the end of the credits ‘FINAL rendering on Intel processors’, because, as I have read elsewhere, Pixar have been using a Linux render farm for years and are only now switching wholesale to G5 Macs for both workstation modelling AND final output. Pixar worked with Apple to develop the Pixlet codec for shunting around full resolution work-in-progress scene renders to different parts of the company, as Ed Catmull, president describes in this video (somewhere around half-way through):

    Ed Catmull also confirms that the G5 is the fastest systems for their work using their Renderman software, but you have to remember that they were probably working on The Incredibles around the time G5 came out and it’s only for their next film, Cars – – that they will have switched over completely.
    (go to step 13 for a pic & text on their render farm)

    All the above explains why the credits specifically say ‘FINAL’ rendering on Intel processors as opposed to just ‘rendering.’

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