Piper Jaffray: Apple improves product availability, holds ‘a significant computer market presence’

“Piper Jaffray said the product availability for Apple Computer is improving based on shorter lead times on Apple.com, particularly for both versions of the iPod Shuffle and Mac mini. Piper Jaffray said that over the last several weeks, the estimated time to ship every Apple product either remained the same or was reduced except for the iPod U2,” Forbes reports.

“The estimated days to ship both versions of the Mac mini decreased to five to seven days, from one to two weeks… Piper Jaffray said that based on Amazon.com sales rankings, Apple ‘continues to hold a significant computer market presence’ and ‘is the dominant producer of portable MP3 players.’ The research firm maintained an ‘outperform’ rating on Apple,” Forbes reports.

Full article here.


  1. In a related article I read that stated “Apple’s iPod product line, where massive success has come with the kinds of wait times that can drive customers to competing products”.
    I have a friend that if he can’t find something in the store when it is released (whether he wants it or not) he just has to find it and buy one.
    He just bought a PSP because he couldn’t find one anywhere and happened to stumble across the last one in a store while looking for something else. He doesn’t even like SONY, he’s just addicted to the feeling of having something that’s difficult to find… freak

  2. Wow. Can’t find the PSP? I went to Meijer last night and they had a ton of them, all over the place in their video game cabinet.

    It is good to have availability on products, my roomate just got his shuffle yesterday, it’s awesomeness beheld.

  3. I got my mini for free… completed advertiser’s offers and all that jazz… got the monitor that way for free too…

    Great news for Apple. It will be interesting to see the sales numbers.

  4. yeah the PSP is .. ahem… in stock.. you know because it’s been returned a couple times.. PSP hasn’t sold out yet.. Nintendo’s about to hit the 6M mark with the DS too.. not to be a Sony basher..

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