RUMOR: New 3GHz PowerMac G5s and PowerBook HD coming at NAB in mid-April

“One detailed tipster claims that new PowerMacs will be announced at the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters conference which takes place between April 16-21 in Las Vegas, NV,” arn reports for “The new machines will include the rumored 970MP starting at 2GHz, alongside 2.5GHz and 3.0GHz models… Memory support will be boosted to 32GB of RAM in the high end models with availability of 4GB DDR modules.”

arn reports, “While G5 PowerBooks are not expected, a higher resolution ‘PowerBook HD’ is expected to be debuted at NAB as well. The new model is expected to simply boost the resolution of the current 17″ PowerBook.”

Full article here.


  1. RUMOR: Possible Apple HD cable company?

    Hubble Space Telescope was improperly aligned and caught these images of a secret satellite launched 4 months ago by the European Space Agency. I was able to download this image sequence before NSAS removed it from their website upon the “demand of a corporate request”.

    See it here…

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