Hewlett-Packard mimics Apple color schemes on new Pavilion desktop PCs

“Hewlett-Packard is making over its Pavilion PCs to better blend in outside the den. The computer giant on Tuesday unveiled a silver-and-white design for its Pavilion desktops. Featuring a silver case and a white insert, the new design replaces a metallic-blue case with a navy blue insert. It will initially come on three models,” John G. Spooner reports for CNET News. “HP says it’s doing away with the darker colors to appeal to consumers’ tastes, which, these days, lean toward lighter shades. The changes also allow the PCs to better blend into the more visible areas of people’s homes, such as living rooms, where televisions and other silvery electronics gear already exist.”

“Some might see at least a hint of a resemblance to Apple Computer’s recent computer color schemes in the latest HP designs. But Anderson said HP wouldn’t have made the changes unless customers preferred the new palate,” Spooner reports. “‘We got a very warm reception for this’ from customers who previewed the design, he said. ‘We didn’t do it because Apple did it. We did it because our customers told us that they liked it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Invent.


  1. It looks cheap and easily breakable. That shade of “silver” plastic just SCREAMS “SPRAYPAAAAAAAIIIINTTT!!!!” I almost wonder if there isn’t a bit of bondo under that.

  2. Best quote:

    “We didn’t do it because Apple did it. We did it because our customers told us that they liked it.”
    –Tom Anderson
    vice president of marketing, global consumer PCs

  3. They look like some cheap plastic korean pc.

    Thank god Apple dosn’t licence its OS as seeing OS X used on this cheap box would make me cringe!

    I wonder if the plastic is sprayed or actually silver plastic?

  4. I can see why they are trying to copy the apple look.

    But there is one thing they haven’t realised.

    It aint got an Apple logo on it – therefore it’s just another crappy windows box!

    Nice try HP – next time get APPLE to design your box!


  5. I assume MDN’s take is that HP doing it after someone else apple did it successfully is copycatting, but apple doing it after gateway did it UNsuccessfully isn’t?

    The Apple sheep will pretend this means that copying a successful idea means you have no vision (as opposed to having a sharp eye on the competition), but copying an UNSUCCESSFUL idea means you’re bold (as opposed to reckless). But they’ll be wrong.

    Apple’s been stealing ideas and making them successful since their inception, then whining when other people steal from them. Comes around / goes around.

  6. um, no, MDN’s take is the irony of their own statement. Why did customers “prefer” that look? Well, it had to exist somewhere for that aesthetic to take hold for computers.

    What did computers look like before Jonathan Ives? What did they start looking like after? Just think about the original iMac, iPod, etc. Even Apple “copied” their own aesthetic by transferring the iPod look to the iMac G5.

    At least HP could have acknowledged Apple’s definition of the aesthetic. But then, Apple’s logo is “think different,” not HP’s “invent.” Thus, the enhanced, supersaturated IRONY of the HP statement.

    Get it, “Define your terms?”

    “Think different” really refers to “doing something better, or right.” It’s never been about who had it first. It’s always been about who did it BETTER, or RIGHT. Just think of the logistical perfection of the iPod. All other mp3 players flail by comparison because “perfection” had been established. So, they try sliders, buttons, weird touchpads, but every designer has to conceded the “perfection” of the iPod. Of course, this is an operational definition. The snow/white/aluminum look is more simply the establishment of an acceptable aesthetic for computers.

  7. With Apple’s popularity on the rise, it makes sense for copycats to make Mac look-a-likes. Just take a look at the iPod knock-offs.

    From what I understand Best Buy is ready to sell Macs again, so doesn’t it figure that HP wants a computer that looks like a Mac?

    gForce is right! This isn’t the last computer with a Mac-like design/color palette. PC makers will confuse consumers with a copycat design, set a price below Apple’s, and sell another Windows machine. It’s sick!

  8. HP or any other manufacturer can colour their machines any way they want and they will still be grotty rubbish.

    Only Apple Macs are the real thing. Real style. Real quality.

  9. “HP will ship its new Media Center m7000 Series PhotoSmart PC with a dock for Apple Computer iPod music players”
    well…they may be trying to imitate some of Apple’s success, but at least they are trying hard to work with Apple as best they can.

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