Hewlett-Packard adds ‘iPod dock holder’ to latest Media Center desktop

“The first computer with a built-in spot for an iPod is on its way–and it’s not a Mac,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Hewlett-Packard is planning to add a prime spot for Apple Computer’s music player in its latest Media Center m7000 desktop PC. The computer doesn’t have a dock itself, but rather features a molded piece of plastic that fits around Apple’s own dock to allow the device to gracefully dock atop the PC.”

“The move raises the question of when consumers will see a similar feature on a Mac. By some accounts, Apple itself had been planning to include some kind of built-in dock in the Mac Mini, but pulled the feature before the product was announced in January. An Apple representative declined to comment,” Fried reports. “At the same time, the move signals that HP has not lost interest in the iPod… new HP-branded iPods are on the way and should be announced in the coming weeks, said Siobhan O’Connor, HP’s vice president of consumer brand and marketing. ‘Expect us to have, like we did with the original products, a very similar lineup to what Apple has,’ O’Connor told CNET News.com.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this “molded piece of plastic” is only the beginning of a real “iPod push” from HP that will benefit both Apple and HP. So far, HP’s iPod efforts have been disappointing as we had expected much more when the HP and Apple iPod deal was originally announced.

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  1. There’s a lot of complaints or dismissal of HP around here recently, with their CEO follies, lackluster sales of hPods, or the new, original “aluminum and white/lucite” color scheme they just, um, Invented. And yes, they’re only a lowly Wintel boxmaker. But let’s give them props for the one thing they continue to do: ship iTunes (and thus QuickTime) on every PC they sell.

  2. wow…some of you just can’t ever be satisfied. What should HP have done? Invent their own mp3 player that would be doomed to failure within a few months? Sure, you can criticize those that poorly compete with Apple, but then you criticize those that try to join Apple. Nothing’s ever good enough. Just be happy that HP had the soundness of mind to recognize the importance of Apple in the computer world, something that most companies are reluctant to admit.

  3. I wonder if they spent much time actually checking how easy it would be to use a dock on top of a tower case? It’s bound to be either too high (if it’s on your desk) or inaccessible (if it’s under) or there’s not enough room (if it’s under a low desk or in one of those desks w/ a special shelf for a tower case.

    And even if it’s convenient, the dock slides into a hole in the top, but where does the cable go? Sits on top of the case, I presume — unless they had the foresight to put a cable channel in it. So now you can’t put anything ELSE on top of the case. No good no good no good.. just put your dock on your desk like a normal person. Or don’t bother with the dock, since it’s a useless gadget that actually serves no purpose anyway.

  4. long winded,

    I use my dock every day, as it prevents the back of my iPod from getting more scratched up than it already is! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” />

  5. The King is right! I get the picture that most Mac users are just whiny little cry babies. You have one of the largest pc companies in the world acknowledging how good Apple is and all you can do is complain about it?

    Don’t for get that “Steve” said the top 3 pc makers were begging him to release OS X on their systems. One of those probably would be HP. That’s how you crush M$. One lone company with over priced underpowered hardware can’t do it. That’s why ridiculous Linux has a larger market share than Apple. They can use any hardware! M$ are very worried about Linux, not so worried about Apple. Let HP and a couple other companies start shipping OS X and Redmond would become a ghost town!

    MW- “must” as in- something “must” make you guys happy!

  6. “I get the picture that most Mac users are just whiny little cry babies.”

    You get all that from a couple of posts on this forum?

    What a towering intellect you have.

  7. Eric The Red,

    I wish people would stop teasing HP about their partnership with Apple and using the “Invent” slogan at the same time.
    At least that is an original business plan with Apple, no one else is doing it.

    If you want to criticize HP for their “Invent” slogan, it should be for using Windows!

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