RUMOR: Best Buy to sell Mac mini in retail stores

According to two unconfirmed reports, electronics retailer Best Buy is preparing to sell the Mac mini in stores,” MacRumors reports.

“Training materials on both selling and servicing the Mac mini have been distributed to the sales & service employees, with an anticipated rollout within the next few weeks,” MacRumors reports. “The Mac mini was first rumored to be sold in the brick-and-mortar Best Buy stores January 30; it is already available for purchase from”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: On again, off again, on again, off… Let’s hope that this one sticks (if this rumor proves to be true) and that both Best Buy and Apple are simultaneously happy (for once). Speaking of “on again, off again,” let’s also hope that this rumor doesn’t start any new ones that mention the name that usually precedes Roebuck.

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  1. Best Buy employees do not know anything about Apples, and therefore do not want anyone to buy one.

    And I don’t think Apple will hire anyone just to sell the mini’s in the stores…

  2. Ever since Best Buy added the Mac Mini to their online selection in January, the Store Availability section of the item listing has said “Coming Soon – Please check back later”.

    A quick glance today shows that it now states “Available at most stores”, although my area doesn’t have them quite yet.

  3. They already have Macs, and minis specifically at the BestBuys in Canada. Unfortunately, the employees know little to nothing about Macs. (actually, they don’t know that much more about he PCs either)

  4. Best Buy is the kind of store where you need to know more than the employee / drone trying to sell you something. Admittedly, that’s not hard — but what the hell is it going to do for Apple’s image if these ignorant “salespeople” either talk down the Mac or push the customer toward something else for a bigger kickback?

    I guess we’ll just have to hope that a fire will grow for the Mac mini that will simply see people waltzing into the stores and demanding them, because I can’t see the typical Best Buy minimum-wager (who probably owns a PC) caring that much.

  5. hehe.. sounds like they have a great rep..

    no seriously.. more distribution is awesome …

    let’s just hope the resellers dont get mad about.. competing with other resellers.. *groan

  6. Just this last weekend I went into a local BestBuy (119th st, Olathe KS) and noticed that they had Apple keyboards and mice both bluetooth and usb. Why in the heck would they carry Apple keyboards and mice if they aren’t selling the computers in-house?

    I hope if this happens, BestBuy properly trains all employees on the Mac and OS X thoroughly this time.

  7. >I hope if this happens, BestBuy properly trains all >employees on the Mac and OS X thoroughly this time.

    Why would they? Their employees aren’t trained on anything else in store.

  8. It’s true that Best Buy does not train its employees. The best of them will skim owner’s manuals so they don’t sound completely lost.

    I wonder about the effect of thousands of 256 meg mini’s out there. Sounds like a good way to get a reputation for being slow.

  9. It’s the revenue and market share stupid

    – that is all Apple want to get out of the deal.

    I wonder what percentage of iPods are sold by 3rd party dealers. My guess is a lot. Apple want to replicate this for the Mac. If they get to sell a million extra macs a quarter that way they’ll be rolling in dough.

    Apple are going for the kill and they can’t do it with cute boutiques alone. They need a lot of outlets.

  10. About 2 weeks ago I walked into a Best Buy (Watertown, MA) and wanted to return my sisters ill-advised purchase of a gateway laptop (insert jokes here). well my wife asked the guy if they sell macs, and he replied with the typical/obvious answer “… no…” but then he said something I have only read on mac sites “… but we will start selling them next month…” I though, a bit odd, but this kid doesnt know what hes talking about… looks like he may have been right.

  11. Soon to be most asked question at Best Buy:

    Customer: “Where is the Mac software?….”

    BB: “We don’t have any – I think it already bundled with the Mac mini”
    or “You have to download the latest service pack to get it”
    or “If you want software you might consider a pc…”
    or “We have a left over copy of Heavy Metal FAKK2 in the back”

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