Apple settles with man who ‘prereleased’ Apple’s Mac OS X Tiger

“Apple Computer has reached a settlement with one of the men it sued for online distribution of its unreleased Mac OS X Tiger operating system,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Apple said on Wednesday that it has reached a settlement with 22-year-old Doug Steigerwald. It did not discuss the details of that settlement, though it does involve money being paid to Apple, according to Steigerwald. The company still has legal action pending against two other men in the case, which was filed in December in federal court in San Jose, Calif.”

“Reading from a prepared statement, Steigerwald said that a criminal investigation had been launched against him. In the statement, Steigerwald said that the allegations made by Apple were true and apologized for his actions,” Fried reports.

Full article with details and comments from Apple here.

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    They were called ‘Blue Boxes’ first of all. They found a way to call long distance for free. A lot different than handing out an OS that has not been released yet.

    Yeah, the kid didn’t know any better, and I can sympathize, I really can, cause I have done a lot of stupid shit in my day too…

  2. ‘Blue Boxes’ and phone phreakin’ those where the day’s. i used to have a number that i could us on a pay phone and for a quarter call anywhere in the world. back in the day international operators couldn’t tell the difference between a home phone and a pay phone, you could get collect calls from overseas on payphones. i once had half a phone bill negated cause i call an internation operator and told them i made a wrong call to china. oh those where the days.

  3. I think Steve will have a better chance to have his surprise announcements in the future but it does come at some cost in PR. It is too bad that they had to sue the rumor sites rather than the true people who are at fault – namely the ones who broke their NDA.

  4. J J and ???
    There were black boxes , blue boxes and then the infamous red which allowed us to actually trunk to Russia on the network. the black was capacitor based to keep the line form recognizing that the handset had been lifted . I phreaked met Steve sold one of his wooden Apples for him. We were kids and we were stupid and so are the kids distributing his code. AT&T did not throw the book at any one including cpt, Crunch. -yes we grew up but we should not ignore our past.

  5. waste of time,

    Breaking into YOUR home is easily done as well. Ask any well seasoned burglar. I guess using your logic, you would want law enforcement to ideally sit by after it happened to you and the intruder had left your home?

  6. Sizewell, your logic is wrong.

    If it was a model home and invitations had gone out to select individuals to tour it and then one of those individuals made copies of the invitation and sent them out to others, that would be similar to what this guy did.

  7. Jeff,

    Okay, I agree that your analog may be closer to the actual situation than mine.

    Let’s use your analog for discussion. If the model home had a multi-purpose entertainment room which was showing propietary information that the the builder/reality company only wanted those select few to see. And, if all the invitees had agreed BEFOREHAND that if they were to receive an invitation that they were were not to make copies of the invitation and send them out to others, how is his actions justified and the actions pursed by Apple ruthless?

    What Apple decided to do was make it less desirable for some “poor kid” to do the same in the future.

    Let’s not try to justify something that was ethically and legally wrong.

  8. Apple is acting like a bunch of niggers in their pursuit of success.
    Forget about the fact that these are the soldiers that defend apple.

    Aple is really rotten on this one.

    Macs Suck, PC’s Rule!!!

  9. Bloodemen,

    After reading your response, I should surely change my stance on this issue. I must have misread Mr. Doug Steigerwald’s statement in which he admitted that his actions were wrong and made a public apology. I must have also misread Apple’s statement where they said that they were only protecting their inovations (actually mine since I had a stockholder) and it wasn’t there desire to send students (which he wasn’t) to jail.

    Thank you soooo much for being the voice of reason.

    one of the soldiers

    By the way, I would have the same attitude if it were Microsoft, Dell, Intel or ANY other company that you may be pledging allegiance and wearing the uniform for.

  10. Hey sizewell,

    You sound like like a goofball standing up for a speach that was so leagally written that you can smell the attorney fees.

    Apple had always represented to thinking man. Too bad apple
    has to resort to being an ass.

  11. Apple is crazy, letting your users “steal” software is one of the reasons M$ won the old office markets – going after high school kids is just stupid.

    He who lives by the law dies by the law – one of these days Apple is going to get a very nasty legal surprise. Hmmm, what happened to that Apple Music business?

  12. Legal responses always sound legal… sorry about that, that’s just the way it is.

    I’m only standing up for the principle of what was agreed upon and responding to a post that felt that Apple was being ruthless. Which again as an Apple stockholder I don’t personally feel they were. That is why this is a public forum…. everyone is entitled to their own opionin… even you. But you tend to lose your argument when you resort to name calling… but don’t worry I have thick skin and I’m confident that most people that know me wouldn’t consider me a “goofball” as you put it.

    You’re trying to defend a position that all the parties agree was indefensable. He had legal counsel. His lawyers would have been obligated to recommend that he not make the “legallly written” statement had they felt that he had a valid argument in court.

    And just to be clear, this was not a “high school kid”. He was a 22 year old college graduate which was pursuing a “professional” career. You should read the whole article.

  13. “Hmmm, what happened to that Apple Music business?”

    I don’t think that they’ve installed an air-conditioning unit in hell, and snowballs still melt there… but then again I may be wrong.

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