Apple’s $500 Mac mini may cause Windows PC homes to become Macintosh homes

“She was cute, no doubt about it. But the world is full of cute. I have been faithful so long that I wasn’t about to be swayed by good looks,” Bill Husted writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So I left her sitting there for a long time and kept using my PCs. But a guy can only ignore good looks for so long. So, using a kitchen knife, I opened the package from Apple and took a look at the new Mac mini.”

“A $500 Mac mini is a great marketing ploy for a lot of reasons. Mostly, it gives PC owners an excuse to try one as a second or even third home computer. The payoff for Apple is that some PC homes may gradually move over to becoming Macintosh homes,” Husted writes. “The mini comes with the OSX operating system, which I’ve found to be quite stable at work. Just as is true with Windows XP, a crashed program (and that still happens with both Macs and PCs) won’t bring the whole system down. The Mac mini has just 256 megabytes of RAM, but OSX makes good use of that amount of memory, so the mini still seemed reasonably fast,” Husted writes.

MacDailyNews Note: Mac mini buyers will want to get a minimum of 512 MB RAM upfront. Don;t settle for the base 256 MB – it’s the bare minimum and you’ll want more.

“Although less powerful than my PCs, it seemed just as fast online. So far I haven’t had a chance to run more demanding programs on it. I suspect the speed difference will show up then. But from what I’ve seen, this machine is fast enough to be the main computer for many folks,” Husted writes. “It comes with an excellent DVD drive… When I popped a DVD movie into the mini, the picture on the monitor was superb. The mini would also connect to many modern TVs using a DVI connection (common with digital and HDTV sets). At just $500, the ability of the set to play DVD movies may be a selling point.”

Husted writes., “I had worried — based on the price — that too many compromises were made to create a Mac for $500. But so far the Mac mini is more than just another pretty face.”

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  1. Go Apple! I bought my first Macintosh computer in November of last year (2004). I bought it because I was sick and tired of worrying about all the security flaws in Windows and because the Mac is based on Unix. I bought an iMac G5 20″. Last night I purchased my second Macintosh – a 12″ PowerBook G4. I am waiting to see what Apple does with the eMac in the next couple months before deciding on that or a Mac mini for my children to use for education, games, and mostly online access. Once that Mac is purchased we’ll have no Windows computers on the Internet in our home. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. charly

    bueno !!

    But, if youre going for the Mac Mini… MDN is correct…. put at least 512 MB of RAM in it…. more if you can afford it….
    (but this also goes for any model Mac you choose, too !)

    You wont be sorry !!

  3. This guy is our local tech writer for the Atlanta paper, and though he uses both platforms in his work, he admittedly prefers PCs – ” they just think the way I think” or something like that.
    This is the first article in which I sense the door of opportunity is opening to him. He tends to be very price conscious, and his weekly articles almost all tend to be about PC virus protection and trouble shooting creaky Windows systems. MDN definately needs to check back on this guy in a few weeks and see what the word is.

  4. [She was cute, no doubt about it.]

    Always with the exterior looks with you guys. Uh, OSX is where the INNER beauty is. Try it – for longer than it takes to play a DVD.

    [Although less powerful than my PCs]

    How? Oh, I remember. More MHz, I guess!

    [So far I haven’t had a chance to run more demanding programs on it.]

    Like what? MS Word is pretty ‘demanding’. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> Try that.

    [I had worried — based on the price — that too many compromises were made to create a Mac for $500.]

    You mean like your ‘bait-and-switch’ DELL? Why did you expect to get a ‘loaded’ DELL for $500?

    MW: really. Yeah, I’m really tired of these hit-and-run reviews.

  5. My Bro in Law got a Mac Mini and is now starting to use it and get used to it. Unfortunately he got it with 256 MB RAM but so far it has been doing alright on that. He is planning on getting a few more for his parents and brother tho so I told him to get one with more memory for himself and pass on the low memory one to one of his parents who will be less likely to do demanding tasks on it.

    One thing is he has downloaded his files to an external HD but now he says when he plugs it in to his mini, it doesn’t see it (the windows PC recognizes it fine and he wants to use some windows function called “find new hardware” which I have not had experience with on a Mac). Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to go troubleshoot it for him yet but am suspecting he needs to download a driver (he was out when he called me about it so unfortunately I don’t know the Drive Make yet). I am pretty sure that that should fix it pretty easily (unless the HD doesn’t have a driver for Macs) but any other suggestions anybody may have will be greatly appreciated.

  6. I have an external HD but there szeems to be issues under 10.3.8 and mounting external HD’s. I think you will find that according to the gossip for 10.3.9 update will solve your friends problem – prob out about begining of Aprill. Hope you find this useful. Apple’s support site has some outline information on this; been driving me crazy but still a lot better than my old Hell PC, sorry Dell PC….

  7. There was an issue with external FireWire HDs that was fixed with either 10.3.7 or 10.3.8.

    Make sure you are using these BEFORE you plug into your Mac. And do any OSX updates with the FW HD disconnected (and turned off). (Disconnect all non-Apple devices, BTW). Also, you may need to update the HDs firmware aswell.

    I remember this issue coming up early last December – before I actually bought myself a ‘LaCie 160 Porsche Drive on the 21st (early xmas!). I did the update before bringing it home.

    It’s fantastic, it’s fast – no problems. No drivers to DL either!

  8. Download Pithhelmet from if you want to stop the MDN popup/popunders. The plugin uses Safari’s built in ‘user stylesheet’ feature, which make ads invisible and blocks all kinds of ad-related popups.

  9. my father, being almost 70 started just recently to get gray hair. i think this is because he is on his 5th wintel box. since i am a converted mac user, i am hassling him on various issues involving os/program stability, virus infestation, ease of use, and a plethora of cool apps. all of which the mac wins hands down, aside the fact that a higher sales price for the white/metal boxes is an illusion, since a PC does not come with much out of the box. but that should not be news to mac fans.

    how to convert a parent? mac mini. i make a deal with him: get a mac mini, and use it for 2 months, and 2 months only! after that, i will buy it off of him for the whole sales price.
    i know already that he won’t agree to give it up. i bet those 499$ on it.

    if it wasn’t for the FUD, windows users would abandon their OS in a snap. do you honestly believe in a company that takes 4 years to update an antiquated OS — DOS based nevertheless!

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