Apple could grow global Mac market share to 5% in 2005; Morgan Stanley ups AAPL price target to $60

“Morgan Stanley drastically raised estimates on Apple Computer and introduced a $60 price target, noting that a survey made by the research firm showed that users of iPods had a 19% PC to Macintosh platform conversion rate compared with a street expectation of 10%,” Forbes reports.

“The conversion rate of iPod customer base to the Macintosh platform from PC “implies two points of global PC market share gain for Apple in 2005,” to 5% from 3%, said Morgan Stanley, adding that the conversion rate for iPod owners could track closer to the 25% range going forward from 19%,” Forbes reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Wow. This just goes to show that a lot of people never made the switch because they just didn’t REALIZE that there was something better. Give them a little taste of the Apple Experience and of course they want more. Plus Windoze just keeps sucking more and more air and OS X ROX! All of the pieces are in place and Apple has been hitting on all cylinders. Keep it up Stevo!

  2. G spank.. I guess Apple has a real problem with Memory or something.. cuz Doom 3 was just released and it’s extremely slow on the Mac. ID is saying there’s nothing they can do.. you need at least 2Ghz G5 to play the thing…

  3. Come onnnn, people. I said this two stinking days ago in another — what is it that you nerds call it? Oh, yes — another thread here at MDN:

    “Apple will be at 5% market share within two years. Yessssssss. You know it’s true. And all the others will see their market share drop faster than my nutsack on a Saturday night!”

    I mean, it’s too easyyyy, already. Yess. Look, this is so obvious it’s de kind of thing even Richter used to figure out! Conan would usually help him a little, but still. He’d figure it out eventually. He was very much like Ballmer in that way. Yesss.

    No, but seriously, analysts are like herd animals — they’re easy to scare and generally slow-moving. Again, kind of like Ballmer. Or Richter.

    Hey, I keed . . .

  4. Triumph– you stress me out. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    But you’re right– analysts like “sure bets.” Apple seems to have become just that, almost overnight. I remember just over a year ago reading MDN and feelings things just start to change for the better.

    Things are continuing to swing upwards– damn cool!

  5. Morgan Stanley is saying Apple will generate sales of $16B this year, okay, I can buy that. However, they’re also predicting $25B in sales for 2006!!! That’s a bit of a stretch, unless they really believe Apple can sell that many Macs.

  6. Has anyone considered that WallStreet wants a shining star amidst a growing, yet not so stellar field? They want Apple to grow. I think it’s code– they’re auctioning off prices. Large institutional purchases quickly drive the price up, more code, then sell-offs and some quick profit taking. Key is to know when to get off this ride.

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