General Motors to add iPod-compatible radios to vehicles starting this year

Music lovers will find it easier to take their favorite tunes on the road thanks to a new family of radios that will debut on the Chevy HHR and other GM vehicles starting later this year. The new radios include an auxiliary channel and front mounted auxiliary input jack, so that an iPod or other audio source can be easily plugged in and played through the vehicle audio system.

“The Chevy HHR will help launch a new family of radios that will bring iPod connectivity to a broad range of GM vehicles,” said Paul Nadeau, director, infotainment displays and controls, for GM Engineering in the press release. “We think the ability to easily connect an iPod or other audio source directly into the vehicle audio system will be a big hit with customers.”

Radios featuring the new auxiliary input jack will debut starting in late spring. They will be standard equipment on 2006 models of the Chevy HHR, Impala and Monte Carlo; Saturn VUE and ION; Pontiac Solstice; Buick Lucerne; and Cadillac DTS. The radios will be fitted to other new GM models over the next several years.

Auxiliary audio inputs in the console of GM vehicles equipped with DVD players also allow an iPod or other source to be played through the vehicle sound system using a simple adapter cord.

“General Motors has a long tradition of leading with technology that provides real benefits to our customers,” said Mark LaNeve, GM North America vice president, sales, service and marketing in the press release. “We are excited to be part of the iPod revolution by offering our customers an easy way to play their favorite music in their GM cars and trucks.”


  1. Great, now if GM could do something about the reliability issues, and the downward trend in sales, perhaps they could stop the freefall the stock is experiencing…

  2. ohhhe baby – this is awesome!!!!

    All other Car makers will have to add this to keep up!

    Keyword is dead – as in – all my custom cds for my car are dead!

  3. For everyone trashing GM here’s a different spin.

    My friend purchased a 2001 Malibu and loved it so much he now has a Loaded Pontiac Montana both have been great cars without any problems.

    I traded in my 2000 VW Golf – 4L Gas (already burning oil after 2 years) for a 2004 Pontiac Vibe. Best decision I ever made.

    Yes I know that the Vibe is made as a joint venture with Toyota but it’s actually a CAMI vehicle (name of the jointly owned company of GM and Toyota). Other vehicles such as the Corolla and Equinox are also made by CAMI.

    So don’t slam GM too hard they are learning and turning out great products you just have to be aware of what you’re buying.

  4. I bought a Pontiac G6 a few months back, and it has been great. Styling, performace, gas milage are excellent. I’m almost glad I don’t see it in that list, or I’d feel like I bought it a little too soon!

  5. About time. My Honda element is iPod friendly already, and it’s a beautiful thing. Easy to use my iPod or XM receiver, no need for a cassette or RF adapter. Don’t know why all cars aren’t equipped this way already.

  6. In defence of GM – Just traded my ’97 Saturn SL2 for a Subaru Baja. Regretted the loss of fuel efficiency in doing so, but the Baja is a lot more versatile. I probably would have gotten another Saturn, but all their vehicles are just “mehhh…” now.

    The Saturn had 160K miles on it and no major mechanical problems. Just worn out.

    But on other fronts. Neat idea, but as noted on another site, why didn’t they do this earlier for portable CD players? (Well, that’s easy to answer – they wanted to sell you a premium stereo with CD until those all became standard….)

  7. Uncle Rat,

    No, I’m a shareholder of GM, who is disappointed that adding an auxillary input to GM’s car stereos is the only good news coming out of the engineering department today. They’re fiddling while Rome burns.

    On topic? ANY discussion for this post that pertains to GM (since they are the actual source of the press release, NOT Apple) is germaine.

  8. GM…? Is that a big company? Most companies have already added support for the defacto standard DRM, WMA. Get with the program, you damn hippies…Windows has won the digital music game.

  9. I have two iPods and would buy one with compatibility over one without. Its about damn time.


    I am so sick of not having an easy hook up for my iPOds !


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