Apple releases Keynote 2.0.1 and Pages 1.0.1

Apple today released Keynote 2.0.1 which addresses isolated issues that may have affected reliability for some customers. Apple also released Pages 1.0.1 which addresses isolated issues that may have affected reliability for some customers and resolves an issue related to deleting complete pages.

Keynote Update 2.0.1 (21.8 MB) and Pages Update 1.0.1 (28.3 MB) are available via Mac OS X’s Software Update.

More information about Keynote here.

More information about Pages here.


  1. MacMDStudent

    If you don’t have Pages and Keynote in an iWork folder in Applications, the update won’t find Pages or Keynote. To fix this, go to your Applications folder and create a new folder titled iWork (in the Applications folder), and then drag both Pages and Keynote into this new iWork folder. After this, do a software update. Both updates should now be available.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I need the bugs fixed in iMovie HD and iDVD 5!!!!
    At present these apps are useless to me, I keep getting the white flashes between fade to black transistions everybody is talking about in the forums.

  3. Go to the Apple Support discussions (iWork ’05 > Pages > Update…. didn’t!!) here…

    Yesterday, many people including myself had the following error show up…

    “None of the checked updates could be installed.
    Make sure you have permission to write to /tmp/501/TemporaryItems/, then try again.”

    But, I tried again today without making any changes and the update worked just fine.

    Try Software Update again. Apple seems to have fixed the problem within the past 12 hours. Way to go Apple!!!

    (You’ll never see a 12-hour fix from Microsoft!!!)

  4. re: SkyyBlue’s post –
    I had that error show up yesterday too. I tried restarting but that didn’t help. I fixed file permissions and ran maintenance scripts with OnyX, restarted and tried again the same day. That seemed to fix whatever the problem was for me.

  5. Does Pages seem to be snappier to you guys? It seems that way to me…also like some of the new templates. Haven’t had any problems w/Keynote 2. Seems like a large file size for both for a bug fix…hmmm.

  6. I installed both updates on my 1GHz G4 without a problem. Pages definitely launches faster and (so far) no longer hangs occasionally when opening Pages docs.

  7. No matter what I do, I can’t get Software Update to recognize that I have Pages and Keynote. Why must I recreate an iWorks folder, move my apps around, and rename or reinstall them just to get Software Update to find them? This is NOT the case with other Apple software and Software Update.

    If Software Update is not going to work, isn’t there a way to update via a link on their website?

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