Apple moves to stop CeBIT presentation of Luxpro’s ‘Super shuffle’ iPod shuffle rip-off

After Luxpro removed its “Super shuffle” from their CeBIT booth on Friday, the iPod shuffle rip-off once again appeared on Saturday.

“Urged by Apple’s lawyers Luxpro had taken the player out of its show cases on Friday, only to put it back in again on Saturday for the benefit of the weekend visitors to the CeBIT event. Who, moreover, did seem to show an interest in the device: The player offers besides all functions present in the genuine iPod shuffle an FM tuner, a WMA playing capability (according to the manufacturer also with digital rights management) and voice recording – only AAC support has to be dispensed with. At that the iPod lookalike is only marginally thicker and according to statements by staff at the stand ‘in any case cheaper than the original,'” Robert W. Smith reports for Heise online. [Super shuffle image here]

“Even a visibly distraught Apple product manager was unable on the Saturday evening to persuade Luxpro’s stand manager to once again remove the Super shuffle from the display. The stand the visual appearance of which is strongly reminiscent of an Apple ad campaign provided a bizarre backdrop to the brief yet heated verbal encounter that ended without mutual agreement.’Our lawyers are in the process of weighing legal options,’ Apple press spokesman Georg Albrecht said,” Smith reports.

Full article here.

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  1. With all the reality TV on these days…I wish there had been cameras to catch this action. I’m sure it went from professional to spitting fire pretty quickly. I’d pay to see that play out ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. They are great at copying stuff, but Asians just don´t have the ideas and talent or mentality to create new things…all about having a society based on people being a worker ant and working for the hive, don´t stand out or be different. Copy others.
    Very smart people, but not creative.

  3. Why is it that Asian companies are almost always the companies that rip off something that proves profitable in the western world and something in which their companies almost always have a hand in manufacturing?

    It’s because their governments have no respect for trademarks or intellectual property or western business practices. And as such don’t punish these companies unless it has some political gain for the powers that be.

    Will it ever end?

  4. Nr. 439502-3994822:
    Ok, I’m offended. That’s like me saying Europeans have no creativity. They copied fireworks, paper making, print press and spagetti from Chinese.

    There are many creative people in Asia. You just have not looked in right places.

    Creativity comes in many different ways. Many people would not consider Dell to be a creative company, however, they did succeed making PCs into a commodity through creative manufacturing process management (improvement in the manufacturing process was probably creativity of Asian companies).

  5. If Luxpro like’s to stay in business they’d better change their tactics. To show up in Europe in front of their prospective clients with a direct copy of one of the best known products. What are you saying? Hey look, we can copy your product too! I would never ever do something that stupid. And if Apple successfully sues them it would destroy the rest of the image they was left. Well I’m happy wipe their name out of my list of suppliers.

  6. No point at al making this a debate about human characteristics.

    The WTO needs to make member countries respect copyrights.

    Copycats need to be kicked or we’ll have no innovation at all.

    Warren Buffett says today he can’t find enough decent companies to invest in… Luxpro and its like sure as hell won’t help things.

  7. Step right up – let the racism begin folks. Don’t let anyone beat you to it.

    What a loser mentality some of the posters of this board have:

    different =threat huh?

    I’m embarrased to be a non- Asian, when these displays of bubbaism show up.

    And the lawyer cheerleaders is another worry. What a way to start the week.

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