Report: Apple to make 512MB RAM the minimum standard in all Macs by June

“By mid-year, Apple is likely to include a minimum of 512MB of RAM in each of the Macs it sells, double the amount of standard memory shipping in most of today’s models,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. “Sources say Apple intends to complete the move by mid-year, around the same time it begins shipping its next-generation operating system, Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger.'”

Jade reports, “Although Tiger will not require 512MB of RAM, insiders say the boost in memory spec will assure consumers a smoother experience running both Tiger and Apple’s iLife ’05 digital lifestyle software suite. They added that the upgrade is ‘much needed.’ The boost would make Apple the first major PC manufacturer to include half a Gigabyte of memory in all of its CPU-based products.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good. We’re sick of having to tell people, “buy the extra RAM, you’ll want it” when we recommend Mac mini, iMac G5, iBook, etc.


  1. When you order a Mac online it isn’t such a big deal to spec more RAM but when you expect customers to walk in the door and grab a mini it becomes a major deal. I hated telling friends – buy the mini but not at the store. About time!

  2. First time I think I’ve seen a story first somewhere other than MDN lol, Apple Insider had this up a few minits ago:) Anyways, I think this will help Apple sell to current PC owners looking to add another machine, but are turned off but the low ram. I know quite a few people who would consider the mini if it had more ram.

  3. No kidding. I recently got a 20″ iMac G5 with 256 MB of RAM, and it ran WAAAAAAAAY slower than my 1.5 PB G4 with 1 GB of RAM until I added more. It’s disappointing because the first impression of the computer is “Sheesh, this computer is SLOW!” until you actually get it beefed up a little.

    Magic word “such”, as in, This will be “such” an improvement….

  4. It’s about time. All consumer Macs (Mac mini, eMac, iMac, iBook) should come standard with 512MB of RAM, while the pro Macs (Dual Processor Power Macs and 15″ & 17″ PowerBooks) should come standard with 1GB.

  5. I agree, iSteve.

    This is very necessary. Now I hope, atleast with the iMac, they’ll have a 512chip and not 2x256s ….

    Unfortunately, I think they’ll stick 2 chips inside…

  6. I just got my mini yesterday… yeah, it needs more than 256. It’s fair.. but hesitates. 512 should be enough I would think… at least I hope it is because the 1 GB chip is rather high priced.

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