Sick of your Windows PC? It’s time to move on with your iLife with Apple’s new ‘Mac mini’

“Swearing at that PC again? You are not alone… You can bet that at this very moment, many others all over the world are swearing at their PCs too,” Ridzwan A. Rahim writes for The New Straits Times. “The problem with PCs nowadays is that they are just so vulnerable to viruses, worms and other forms of malware attacks. Try connecting a brand new Windows PC to a broadband connection and see what happens. Chances are, your new PC, in the absence of the latest Windows patches, virus definitions and a firewall, will be a sitting duck to the said threats.”

Rahim writes, “I can’t even begin to tell you how scary the Internet has become, what with the problems of rogue websites and script kiddies who plant nasty things on your hard drive without your knowledge. It’s not as though Microsoft is not doing anything about it but the truth is, we have all grown tired of trying to keep up with the latest patches from Redmond and long for the simple, old days when the only way your computer could contract a virus was through an infected floppy disc.”

Rahim writes, “Is there a way out of this? Yes, there is and it is called Apple Mac mini.”

“The Mac mini makes you go ‘wow’ early on with its packaging, which is the size of a detergent box complete with a handle… The computer itself is even tinier. There are many ways to describe the Mac mini’s footprint: slightly larger than a stack of CDs, smaller than the phone on your desk, lunchbox-size but heckuva lot prettier,” Rahim writes. “So what’s so special about Macs anyway? Well, apart from the design and the fact that Mac OS X is practically immune to all those nasty malware out there, Macs are known for their creativity software. This is borderline perverted but I like to talk about my Mac as if it were a hot woman; there are just so many fun things you can do on the desktop. All in all, if you have any creative bone at all, or if you are sick of your PC not working, this is for you. So say goodbye to swearing and rebooting. It’s time to move on with your iLife.”

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  1. “This is borderline perverted but I like to talk about my Mac as if it were a hot woman; there are just so many fun things you can do on the desktop.”

    My Mac is like a hot man as there are many things I can do with it.
    Pretty stupid statement as they both have their minor drawbacks but all in all pretty satisfying.

  2. come on KernelPanic, not everyone on the internet visits porn sites, so stop acting like you’re living in some kind of windows nervana!!! cuz you know it’s pure BS! how is it that a windows computer online with no firewall is almost rendred useless in 4 minutes! that right there is a sin! I mean can you imagine buying anyother product and it stop working or becomes defective in 4 minutes?? that is crazie!!

    magic word reached as in people have reached the limit with Microsloth!

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