The Motley Fool: Yahoo! Music store no threat to Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Remember that $160 million Yahoo! spent to acquire Musicmatch last year? The deal was to bear fruit this week with the launch of a rival digital music store to Apple’s iTunes. But, according to a story posted yesterday, the debut has been delayed. cites sources that say the store could go live as soon as the end of the month,” Tim Beyers writes for The Motley Fool.

“The delay may be disappointing to some waiting for a viable challenger to iTunes. But let’s be honest, Fools. Even if Yahoo! were to delay six months and create a perfectly seamless listening experience, the so-called Yahoo! Music store is unlikely to do anything to slow iTunes’ march. And that’s because of the crushing popularity of the iPod,” Beyers writes.

“In the end, Yahoo! Music isn’t really any different from Microsoft’s MSN Music and Napster. Sure, it will take advantage of the highly prized real estate Yahoo! has carved out on the Web. And, yeah, that will give millions of potential users access to the new jukebox,” Beyers writes. “But people are buying iPods and using iTunes to manage their rhythmic collections. It’s really that simple. Indeed, when it comes to the music downloading biz, Yahoo!’s other digital properties are likely to be about as helpful as a landfill is to a homebuilder. In other words: Not at all.”

Full article here.

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