RUMOR: Apple Store coming to Midtown Manhattan beneath transparent glass cube

“Having failed sadly in its emulation of Rockefeller Center, the plaza opposite the Plaza will now try being more like the Louvre,” David W. Dunlap reports for the New York Times. “By fall, a glass cube 32 by 32 by 32 feet will be set like a jumbo gemstone into the middle of the plaza of the General Motors Building at 767 Fifth Avenue. From the outside, the cube will appear empty. But inside will be a circular glass stairway and a cylindrical elevator leading to a 25,000-square-foot underground space.”

“In other words, the cube will function like I. M. Pei’s Pyramid in the Cour Napoléon of the Louvre: a crystalline marker, a gateway into a subterranean realm. Only the local version will be more transparent – even the structural framework is to be made of glass – and, this being New York in the year 2005, it will usher visitors not to culture but to retail, almost certainly a much larger version of the Apple Computer store in SoHo,” Dunlap reports. “Apple would not comment. “We have not announced any additional retail locations in New York City at this point,” said Katie Cotton, the vice president for corporate communications.”

Full article with glass cube rendering here.

AppleInsider reports, “The transparent structure, made entirely of glass, will usher visitors to what is rumored to become Apple Computer’s most elegant flagship retail store to date.”

Full article here.


  1. Why 2005 won’t be like 1985…
    1985 was the year that the “suits” took over Apple computer and presided over it’s decline, taking profits while blowing a “15 year lead in Operating Systems” (SJ Quote). Someday the prophets of Wall Street may figure this out.
    Steve Jobs is in charge, has assembled an incredible team, has corrected the course and charted a path forward for AAPL. He’s going to do what has to be done to put the Mac where it needs to be, regardless of what the “experts” say. This is just another component in the grand scheme.

  2. Please do not post web address.

    The cube could be interesting. However, it is
    unrealistic to think that some Apple signage
    would be unnecessary. The area is filled with
    office workers and tourists.

  3. No signage is needed because only the Mac zealots will visit the store and they’ll already know it’s there.

    How appropriate that a toy store would have a fitting entrance.

  4. NMFY:

    Don’t you have anything better to do?

    Go and feed the sheep, or milk the cows…. something, but give us a break from your childish comments.

  5. I’m sorry about what I just said, and what I’ve ben saying. All I’ve ever wanted to do my whole life is be a mac user, but my dad is to poor to afford one.

    This apple store will be the coolest store in the world.

  6. “How appropriate that a toy store would have a fitting entrance.”

    And even more to the point: toys bring pleasure… something that PC-slaving terminally unhappy trolls experience less and less of the more they realize that increasingly they are behind the curve now, not ahead. More’s the pity…

  7. Does NoMacForYou really exist anymore? Between those spoofing him as a retard and those spoofing him as a more ridiculous version of himself, it’s hard to accept any post as coming from the “real” NMFY.

    Heck, I seem to remember that when he first showed up, he was bitter and unlikable, but not the ridiculous flaming troll he appears to be now. So my guess is that the “real” NMFY hasn’t been around for months.

  8. The old time flashcubes used in cameras come to mind
    here…the prospective Apple customer walks out of the
    store with a light to view the world using the Apple
    mentality…and, in turn becomes another Apple advocate
    for Apple products. Only in New York!

    Shoot…I never got to marvel at the inner workings of
    a REAL working model of a camera. Sounds cool!


  9. Ok what’s the deal with Apple and cubes? Hopefully this one won’t crack. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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