PC Magazine review gives Apple 6GB iPod mini 4.5 stars out of 5

“We picked the iPod mini as one of our favorite music players when it debuted, thanks to its superior ergonomics, great in-hand feel, easily readable screen, jazzy colors, and generally good music performance. Apple’s recent refreshing of the player has made it even better. The Apple iPod mini 6GB holds 50 percent more music, has more than twice the battery life, sounds better, and costs the same ($249 direct) as the original 4GB mini (which now costs $199),” Bill Machrone writes for PC Magazine.

“The new mini’s other features are mostly unchanged, except for one cute addition: The player automatically pauses when you pull out the earphone plug. It’s a nice counterpoint to the feature that automatically starts the player when you insert the earphone plug,” Machrone writes. “The newest mini is a worthy upgrade to a wildly popular player. With the addition of an FM receiver and perhaps a recording function (features found on other players in this size and price range, such as the Creative Zen Micro), it would be perfect.”

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  1. I don’t understand; if you have the ability to cart around 1500 songs, why would you need FM radio? Because you miss the three minutes of ads for every seven minutes of programming? Has your live lost all meaning because you can’t listen to the “Morning Zoo” jocks interview strippers and midgets, or midget strippers (which really works well on radio)? Most FM stations that fit music in their schedules only play the same 30 songs all week, every week; with a 6GB iPod mini, that is 1/500th of the variety available!

    If I need radio, I’ll go find a radio…

  2. Actually, there would be many people, including myself, who enjoy listening to the radio for news (BBC reports, NPR, etc.). Instead of licking the arse of Apple all the time, a little complaining might go a long way to getting the features we want (or atleast becoming even more competitive).

  3. Nah….radio listening generally sucks, and it’s mostly because of the ads. The only radio station worth listening to is the CBC, eh! It’s great for those frosty mornings defrosting the caribou tea outside of the igloo, and sharpening the hockey sticks to prepare for the days battles of warding off ice beavers and disgruntled americans.

  4. stantheman,
    why are we licking Apple’s arse, if we do not voice wishes we do not have?
    i recently got a fm radio from some local radio station for free while i was standing in a traffic jam. it takes my ipod plugs and would allow me to listen to the senseless drivel of radio hosts, if i really wanted that.
    not on my ipod, no!!!

  5. FM will start to cough up blood here in the UK around 2008, as the country moves to DAB.

    Anyone who thinks I’m going to pay a premium for functionality that I don’t use now and won’t be able to use in three years has got rocks in their head.

    The future is digital.

  6. Ah, the whole radio thing. People like stantheman don’t need iPods. They could save themselves a lot of money and buy a little transistor radio.

    I have a large collection of music and I like hearing just that… music…not talk or ads. That was the whole reason I got an iPod.

    The only thing that a radio is good for is to keep you in touch during the next terrorist attack, or natural disaster… which hopefully won’t be any sort of a daily occurence.

    Besides, isn’t there some sort of add-on for FM radio yet. If there isn’t, that would be the solution to stantheman’s problems…not adding features others don’t want (and being rude about it to boot)

  7. Being able to record in stereo and at a high bit rate is being worked on by the folks at Forge. It goes contrary to Apple’s financial model to put any other source of music gathering other than the iTunes store. Apple would loved to serve us NPR or BBC for a fee, they just have not figure out how to podcast it and charge us.

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