Korean music player price war prompts ‘patriotic’ marketing by Korean firms

“As Apple Korea hits the market with new products and drastically slashed prices, local firms are busy formulating responses including ‘patriotic’ marketing. In a newspaper advertisement marking the March 1 Independence Movement Day on Tuesday, Reigncom asks, ‘Does shouting ‘mansei’ buck-naked make Korea independent? U.S. firms are sweeping up most of the world’s HDD-type MP3 player market… As a sovereign MP3 state, we could not simply sit back and watch.’ Under the image of a Korean flag, it goes on, ‘After spending countless nights in the research room, we’ve finally produced a precious son for the world market… There will be many difficulties, but we are not afraid.’ Reigncom declared itself determined to face Apple’s offensive, saying, ‘We are the descendents of martyrs who braved bullets and swords to bring about independence to the cry of ‘mansei,”” The Chosun Ilbo reports.

“‘Apple has stepped up an offensive to kill local MP3 manufacturers,’ a Reigncom official said. ‘So we placed the advertisement to coincide with March 1 Independence Movement Day,'” The Chosun Ilbo reports. “…Local companies are struggling to keep up with Apple’s price cuts on HDD products… ‘Apple has started a large-scale price war, but we have no effective response,’ an industry insider said. ‘Big companies like Samsung Electronics and LGE could fend off Apple’s offensive, but small and medium-sized companies will be in trouble if the situation continues.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We guess hiring the porn star Jenna Jameson as spokesperson didn’t work as well as they had hoped. Some of these companies are already up the iRiver without a paddle. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) It’s desperation time, so trot out the flag as a last resort and pray to God that it delays the inevitable.

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  1. somebody: it’s not really asian imperialism, but more of a misdirected or misguided patriotism that really shames the once proud history of korea’s culture. but then, koreans love bringing up “descendents of martyrs who braved bullets and swords to bring about independence” while their history (even until recently) showed the exact opposite–revisionsim, military dictatorship, poor civil/human rights, etc. It’s laughable.

  2. i should add that people should buy ipods or iriver because it fits their needs/desires… not because it’s more patriotic. since when apple/iriver (multinational companies) eqiuate to patritic feelings?

  3. God it’s bloody insulting that iRiver disrespects the Koreans so much they think they’re this stupid. Buy a worse product because it’s your patriotic duty?

    Truly insulting to Koreans.

  4. That’s the beauty of this country, the real entrepreneurs stop bitching and start doing something.

    Tired of all these crybabies, it’s time to start doing new things.

    And Korea is not a 3rd world country.

  5. Chomper, go back to your Windoze PC and quit trolling here – it’s boring.
    If you want patriotic, go buy a red, white & blue iPod skin.
    Korea makes shit products, Chomper, and that makes them 3rd-world in this arena.


  6. SB, Korea, China, Taiwan, wherever there are manufacturing plants, they build to the spec of the vendors ordering the parts. If its fcrappy, its cause thats what the vendor specified.

    Some of the same facilities that make iRiver junk make other components for Apple. Don’t bash Korean products, rather bash the vendors who spec crap. Like Dell for instance, spec the cheapest, buy the cheapest, Buy it all to get a further discount.

    MW = cut. Take from that what you will

  7. Check your Mac OS X underpinings. Root, daemon, nobody are important users in UNIX (and yes, I used root and daemon too in other forums). It has nothing to do with my self worth. As far as I know, there never is a somebody account by default. I guess somebody is not important enough.

  8. Bottom line, none of these two companies gives a rat’s behind about who buys their products just as long as they are making a profit guys. This is supposed to be an open forum for intelligent discussion about this great product here and any suggestions for improvement (if any) people. So let’s keep nationality out of this please (morons)

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