founder Scot Blum’s new ‘’ features Apple iTunes Music Store

Scot Blum’s new venture, “where consumers buy backwards, by starting with each other and then choosing retailers, instead of the other way around,” according to’s website, “is an online mall and social network that connects people and products.” The site presents the user with a bird’s eye view map of a virtual “mall.”

Now, you’ll remember that Scot Blum was founder of the now-defunct (that address now forwards “”). It was Scot Blum who said of Apple CEO Steve Jobs “he’s a visionary, but he’s on the wrong platform” at the launch and stated, “‘I expect to do 200 million to 300 million downloads in the first year.” kicked off with a $40 million ad campaign (1,900 TV spots in the next two weeks) and the introduction of the ‘world’s largest billboard’ – 150 feet high, 60 feet wide – in Times Square with a near-naked rocker Tommy Lee, who was the service’s spokesman.

Scot Blum’s also had an ad featuring Tommy Lee destroying a guitar that looked exactly like the guitar prominently featured in Apple’s iTunes ads at the time (and currently Apple’s GarageBand icon). And it was Blum’s that introduced TV commericals that were blatant copies of Apple’s iTunes Music Store ads. At the time of the ads’ release, The New York Post wrote that BuyMusic was “trying to set themselves up as the anti-Apple.”

It was that spawned the infamous “,” which was designed to tell the world about “a more honest point of view than its predecessor and let the world know all about the best way to download music (using Apple’s iTunes).” We said of upon its launch, “Perfect. It’ll probably last longer online than the first knockoff ( itself.” Unfortunately, virtual mall that features prominently – you guessed it – Apple’s iTunes Music Store and The Apple Store as one of it’s major anchor stores.

Visit here where you can also enter to win one of six 40 GB Apple iPods (HP’s rebranded version).

MacDailyNews Take: Blum seems to have figured out that “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” quicker than most. Good luck with and hope you sell a lot of Apple iPods, Macs, displays, iTunes Music Store tracks, and more, Scot!

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  1. Well, it seems he has the ITMS up and running… but the Apple Store has a “Coming Soon” on it….

    Just like a bus-load of terrorists driving off a cliff …. it’s a good start !

    However, I sure hope all the i’s are dotted .. and the t’s crossed on the contract with Apple before he decided to add them to his “mall” ….

  2. Being a journo I interviewed Tommy Lee earlier this week about the Motley Crue reunion tour. He mentioned he has an iTunes account!

    Magic word: “industry”, as in Apple owns it

  3. Interesting layout for the Music Store at Now where have I seen that before……

    I wonder how the new Yub venture will do. Interesting concept but he will need a LOT of members to make it pay off. Maybe he should have made the kick off campaign for buymusic a 39 million dollar one and kept 1 million for himself.

  4. eWorld, six UK pounds an hour (service + long distance phone call), 14,400 modem (that was fast!). It was a good start but things changed fast and Apple didn’t keep up. Of course it wasn’t the real Apple then, Steve was at NeXT.

  5. He was right about one thing: For Music, Steve was on the wrong platform.

    And Steve realized this the instant he made iTunes available for Windows and changed the box to read: PC+Mac.

    Especially in light of recent firewire deletions (in which it seems many mac users don’t care about)

  6. As a side note, in magazine articles/ TV shows I have seen showing glimpses of the homes of both Tommy Lee and Vince Neil, “the wrong platform” was conspicuously present in both homes.

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