Analyst: iTunes sales exceeding expectations, estimates $83.2 million in iTunes revenue this quarter

“In a research note released to clients on Wednesday, Piper Jaffray & Co. Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster said that iTunes sales have already exceeded estimates for Apple’s March quarter at 85 million tracks, with nearly a full month left in the quarter,’ AppleInsider reports.

Munster “says that iTunes sales could account for $83.2 million in revenue in the March quarter–or about $35 million more than his firm has been estimating. The analyst said his research indicates that iTunes could ‘begin to have a notable impact’ over the next two calendar years [and] believes that iTunes may add an additional 3% to his firms revenue estimates for 2006. He further noted that the average iTunes daily run rate (sales) during the quarter has been 1.35 million, primarily in-line with the 1.43 million daily run rate in the weeks following the holidays,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article here.

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  1. i just love dueling analysts. this apple vs. the rest of the world has gotten inside the heads of a bunch of analysts.
    magic word is ago, should have been ego.

  2. Apple are doing well on the music front and ipod / music sales should be very good this quarter. I’m looking for Apple to keep on surprising the analysts for quite a while longer.

    What will be really interesting is how the halo effect is working and if mini / iMac sales are driving adoption of the mac platform. If retail sales are significantly better than expected, Appl stock will sky rocket again.

  3. ditto!

    I am looking forward to the 3rd quarter sales results in July (for the April, May & June quarter). At that point, all of the “stars” should be aligned for Apple’s iPod/MiniMacs supply covering all price points and a full quarter of Mini Macs and iPods.
    Napster needs to have a little better figures IN HAND—not projected—before everyone gets their panties in a wad.

  4. Buffy,

    No, these are the projections for the current quarter. Actual numbers are not in yet.

    All the more reason why the drop in Apple and the rise in Napster seem a little silly.

  5. Anyone else nervous about the high flying Apple stock price?? It’s always been fickle and in my opinion undervalued and now suddenly it’s a wall st darling. I fear as soon as the stock goes south for psychological reasons the ‘news’ about Apple’s products will do the same. Suddenly iPod sales and iTunes sales won’t matter as much as the stock price as if it’s an indicator of much. Analysts will say the ‘iPod fad’ is dwindling, even when they’ll sell record numbers and stories will carry this connotation and it’ll seep into the mainstream unconscious… self-fullfilling prophecy. How exactly does a higher stock price benefit Apple or Apple consumers, as oppossed to Apple stock holders? I suppose it gives Steve the cred he needs to continue, but he’d have that even if the stock price didn’t treble. I’m not saying it doesn’t matter, I have a few ideas about how it does, but can anyone explain to me any big points I am missing?

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