Times Online: Apple Macs much more secure than ‘clunky, erratic’ Microsoft Windows-based PCs

“I’m not very evangelical about much these days, but get me on to computers and I will bore you for hours about the merits of Apple over those clunky, erratic PCs. And my faith increased after a report this week that suggests small businesses will face meltdown in the next couple of years thanks to computer fraudsters and criminals,” Randall Northam writes for The Times Online as he “trembles behind his computer screen, fearful of assault on his business from computer fraudsters… So why do those of us with Apple computers have a smug smile on our faces? It’s because Apple has such a small share of the market that those hooligans who write computer viruses don’t bother with us.”

MacDailyNews Take: Northam is right about everything except his statement that Macs are more secure because of “small share of the market.” Mac OS X is simply more secure by design. “Security via Obscurity” is a myth. Please see the related articles below.

Northam continues, “DK Matai, the executive chairman of mi2g, says: ‘Banks are already beginning to shy away from their responsibility to compensate users in the event of an online fraud where they have issued warnings and the incapability of the user is to blame. The present computing environment is not fool-proof and is not safe enough for the average computer user who is not a geek or does not have a friend who is a geek. This era is likely to come to an end with a bang. Users and governments will demand change and they have the collective power to influence the thinking of computing and communications vendors who have consistently put profits and time-to-market before safety and security.’ Scary, but a lot less so if you own Apple Macs.”

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  1. Why don’t we all email him and in a respectful, polite way point out that the obscurity thing is a myth, with a couple of links? His address is at the bottom of the article.

  2. The scary issue to me is that my personal information is stored on a bunch of Wintel computers all over “business world.”

    My computer may be quite safe. But I might as well publish my financial and medical data.

  3. “Security through obscurity” can apply to Windows, too. BSD Unix, the foundation of Mac OS X, has been open for all to see for decades. Windows code, on the other hand, has been obscured on the assumption that such will make it more secure…

  4. “Security via Obscurity” is a myth…
    Oh, Yeah, That’s BS, Apple says they support security through obscurity on their own website. Quit dreaming everyone, It’s about obscurity AND market share…

    “For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available.”

    Its located here, on every security update.

    “Figures” as in “It figures that most Mac users would be blinded to the obscurity issue by their obsession with Apple.”

  5. In the “real IT world” we understand that all computers have security issues even Apple Computers. Furthermore we look for tools and solutions from our OEM vendors that will allow us to administer our enterprise assets.

    Microsoft has the tools that allow us to manipulate the registry on the fly and remotely mirror our workstation hard drives daily to eliminate virus’s and malware.

    Apple does not have these tools and therefore is not a viable platform.

    In addition the global standard for the internet “IE” (Internet Explorer) is no longer supported on the Apple platform.

    The future is the internet and the .NET framework and Apple is not able to run any of the new and exciting network applications that are being developed globally.

    Why would you want to use a computer in 2005 that can’t even run the default browser used by the entire world.


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