Special edition ‘Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith’ Apple iPod image posted online?

“You know it wouldn’t be a new Star Wars movie without massive merchandise tie-ins, and to cash in on Episode III Skittles (yeah, that Skittles) is sponsoring a ‘Hunt for Grievous’ online game where they’re giving away a hundred ‘Star Wars-themed iPods,” Engadget’ Peter Rojas reports (with Skittles’ contest package wrapper image) here.

“Darth Mathicus tunes in with the first look on the upcoming Revenge Of The Sith iPods. Having a white cover design with a sleek silver Apple and ROTS logo, it is sure to become a bestseller among fans,” Rebelscum.com reports.

Full article with image of back of the iPod (click the image for larger view) here.

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[UPDATED 12:55pm ET with info from Engadget.]


  1. No where does it say that Apple is releasing these ROTS iPods. I don’t think it’s a fake, I think it’s a custom job that is being done by a Star Wars fan website. If I recall correctly, Apple had an option for companies to order custom logo engraved iPods in bulk quantities. I think some enterprising person thinks people will pay a premium for iPods with the SW:ROTS logo laser engraved on the back. Good luck to them.

    magic word: church. “If Apple is a religion, then the Apple Store is it’s church.”

  2. IF they release such a “special iPod” just having the logo on the back of the regular iPod is moronic, its like the HP iPod, its just an iPod. The only REAL special edition it the U2, where they actually made it different, this is just stupid

  3. They are going to have a special iPod for the next Star Wars movie and it will sell for BIG BUCKS on ebay. And watch all the other movies that will look to follow suit. Free Publicity for everyone!

  4. Nice fake BSOD, I actually like the fake Billy Gram iPod better than the U2 edition.

    Either way, MDN you need to start screening your news stories better this seems really fake to me.

  5. Since LucasFilms owns all right to the movie, its very doubtful that a fan site could use the official ROTS logo. They would need LucasFilms permission/ approval.

  6. I think this story could be true. It’s not like it’s really a special edition iPod. It’s basically just LucasFilm partnering with Apple to purchase a hundred iPods and then putting their logo on the back. Not any different than the HP deal.

    It actually makes a lot of sense for all parties to want a deal like this. Great sales for Skittles, great publicity for Star Wars and iPod. It’s going to get much more publicity than a game where the winner gets something like a free Star Wars shirt.

    I hope this is true because it would mean even more publicity for the iPod without any effort on Apple’s part

  7. It’s not a fake, it’s a tie in to a promo that is being done by Skittles candy. Geez people, look at all of the links before you foolishly proclaim something to be fake which isn’t.

  8. The “rebel scum” bit isn’t part of the iPod, that’s so it can’t be posted about without crediting the site that had the exclusive. I can’t believe people are suggesting that is a “bad photoshop job” and missing that point!

  9. The big giant “SITH” is ugly. No one would buy it and it would never get past Steve Jobs!
    There may be an upcoming iPod but that is not it.

    Magic word is “post” It doesn’t mean anything, I just thought I would annoy someone.

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