Looking for an inexpensive PC? Make it Apple’s Mac Mini, it just runs and runs and runs

“Hardly a week goes by that I don’t get asked the same question at least once or twice: ‘I need a computer, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. What do you recommend?’ Until a few weeks ago, my pat answer was to send those folks clicking through the Dell Web site, looking for the basic Inspiron series of PCs. Not any more. Not since one of Apple’s Mac Minis took up residence on my desktop,” Tom Gromak writes for The Detroit News. “Apple’s Mac OS X, based on the Unix operating system, is both stable and robust, allowing the machine to go forever between full reboots without suffering from the OS-rot that plagues Windows users who try to do the same.”

“In short, the machine was fast and efficient and it had everything Windows XP has and more. Or less. It doesn’t have any of the vulnerabilities. Few worms and viruses target the Mac platform, and it’s not nearly as susceptible to malware planted by rogue Web sites. And it’s stable. How stable? As I’m writing this column on the Mini, it occurs to me that the machine hasn’t been through a full reboot in nearly three weeks. It goes to sleep when I’m not using it, and wakes up immediately when I need it. And it never seems to suffer from the inevitable slowdowns that plague Windows when you try to run it the same way,” Gromak writes. “The Mini just runs and runs and runs.”

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  1. I think i switched my first PC user today using a Mac Mini.

    Also, for the inevitable idiot who rushes to post instead of me:

    You did not have the first post.

  2. I liked his specific references to software and hardware cross-platformicity. Exactly what needs to appear in reviews everywhere (as has been stated here frequently).

  3. What kind of up times have you all had? You can check by going to the terminal and typing “uptime” and hitting return. My max is about a month. Mainly cuz you have to reboot when you do an update.

  4. Uptime reports six days, but that’s because I installed the 10.3.8 update and had to restart the computer. In fact, I have had no crashes for so long it seems like years. It does, indeed, just run and run and run.

  5. Under no circumstances should anyone rise to Voltar’s bait. That putrefying sack of bacterial slime is the worst shit-stirring troll ever to inflict itself on the Mac community, and was banned from MacCentral years ago after thoroughly poisoning the forum. It subsequently resurfaced as “Mendar”, at which point I left permanently. And now it’s reared its ugly head here. Ignore it completely.

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