Apple iPod pressure forces Creative to drop prices on music players

“Electronics maker Creative announced Tuesday that it would drop prices on its Zen Micro, a move that could be seen as a direct response to Apple’s recent changes to its iPod mini line,” Ed Oswald reports for BetaNews. “The 4GB Zen Micro dropped to $199, the 5GB to $229, and a new 6GB version will be introduced at a price of $249. The new pricing structure puts Creative in line with Apple’s latest offerings.”

“To sweeten the deal, Creative is offering a $20 mail in rebate on the 4GB version for players bought before May 30, bringing the price down to $179,” Oswald reports. “Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative, continued to assert that the company is on the offensive rather than playing defense. ‘With the introduction of the Zen Micro 4GB MP3 player at the incredibly low price of only $179, we offer superior features and more than twice the song capacity of the 4GB iPod mini at a substantially better price,’ Hoo said in a statement.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Sim Wong Hoo, Creative’s very own Edward John Smith, has obviously lost his mind. Good luck, Creative. More than twice the song capacity in a 4GB Creative Zen Micro than in a 4GB Apple iPod mini? At what bitrate, 64kbps? Have fun listening to that noise. What’s the surest sign that Creative is struggling besides the “twice the song capacity” foolishness? Having to stoop to the level of offering $20 mail-in rebates. Now, that’s sad. What’s next, “Buy one, get one free?”

Oh, and US$199 for a 4GB Zen vs. $199 for a 4GB iPod mini and $249 for a still-vaporous 6GB player vs. $249 for a 6GB iPod mini is supposed to entice whom exactly? Not anywhere low enough, Creative.

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  1. Looks like Creative has moved into the lead again. Further validation of my choice of an OPEN platform for my music collection instead of the iPod/iTunes/Betamax cluster-fsck.


    Oh… First post beeyotch.

  2. Well put NMFY.

    Although, I enjoy both the iPod and the Zen Micro. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smirk” style=”border:0;” />

  3. To sweeten the deal…{/i]”

    Huh? Sweeten the deal? Since when is paying the same for this crapware that you would for an iPod mini a deal that you can sweeten? That’s like pouring maple syrup on a pile of dog poop.

  4. The bitrate trick hurts them more than helps. Most consumers that want a player understand the bitrate concept. Too me this just puts more salt in their wounds. Competition is great, but Zen and Dell have both tried to use the bitrate trick into a further disadvantage by turning many off.

  5. It’s funny that he thinks he is on the offensive when he cuts prices AFTER Apple does. I can’t wait to see what their sales are like now that the iPod shuffle is out. Their $100 million campaign was completely wasted as is evidenced by the complete indifference to their price cuts by most news sources. Their only chance might be to package their players with Happy Meals, but chances are even McDonald’s won’t have anything to do with them.

  6. SIM WONG WHO????? At the end of the day, when you look down and see a Zen Micro hanging from your neck and then look up and see everyone else dancing around strapped to iPods, a tear will form in the corner of your eye, mucous will start oozing downward toward your top lip, you’ll inhale involuntarily in a teary-eyed gasp, suck down 3 ounces of snot, and then expel a 3-foot diameter green snot bubble that will unltimately burst covering your body in a thin transclucent layer of slimy nothingness. That’s what happens when you don’t have an iPod. Live and learn my friends. If it ain’t an iPod, it ain’t an iPod. Nuff said.

  7. no if this clown had any clue — he’d create a Zen for the “rest of us”…he’d develop a Zen for Mac and a app that comes works with OS X and direct that to compete with iTunes…as it is …Zen alone won’t win.

  8. Anyone else find it kind of funny that Creative has posted the commercials in Quicktime and Real formats on their site. I thought Creative was a supporter of Windows Media.

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