Apple CEO Steve Jobs tops Forbes’ CEO Approval Tracker for 20th straight month

Apple CEO Steve Jobs marks his 20th straight month at the top of the Forbes CEO Approval Tracker with an approval rating of 95%. The results for February:

Steve Jobs, Apple Computer – 95%
Samuel Palmisano, IBM – 58%
Kevin B. Rollins. Dell – 41%
Scott G McNealy. Sun Microsystems – 39%
Robert P. Wayman, Hewlett-Packard – 17%

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  1. Heyyyyy, my man. Yesss. Steve-O. De one and only. Of course he tops de poll! Who the hell else would it be? I mean, come onnnn. Rollins at Dell? Get real, people. That ship is sinking so fast it makes the Titanic look like she’s still treading water. And Wayman? Please — how de hell did he even make the list?? Hewlett-Packard is as yesterday as J-Lo’s booty! And by the way — what de hell is McNealy still showing up on this thing for? I mean, people, what in God’s name has he done lately? I thought Sun was cut up and sold for firewood last winter. Talk about out-of-touch! No, I keed. But seriously, I wonder why NoSmackWithFool’s- err, NoSnackForShoes– uhm, GoesBlackWithBoots- sorry, NoMacForYou‘s favorite “leader” is missing from de list? Ehh, what do you think?? Where de hell is Gates name? Come onnn, NoJackForKooks, bring your brown-nosing out into de open! Please, please — tell me a good one about Gates’s absence from de list of true Rulers of the Computer World! I mean, really, get your rump-swabbing in gear, NoClassInFools. I’d love to hear you defend that sycophantic Gates geek. It’d be a pleasure . . .

    FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Triumph: “NoMacForYou’s favorite “leader” is missing from de list? Ehh, what do you think?? Where de hell is Gates name? ”

    Maybe because he is not a CEO. That’s Stiff Ballbuster’s role.

    Bets are on, when will Stiff Ballbuster feature on this list…….

  3. The imposter strikes again. Ignore the imposter. The REAL NoMacForYou knows that Ballmer is the man. He is leading Microsoft further into the promised land that so consistently eludes you Mac zealots.

  4. kokosnootje: “Maybe because he is not a CEO.”

    That might be why he called him a “leader”. ‘Course, he’s not a leader worth dick, so, that’s the joke. Get it? Timmy?

  5. Come onnnnn, loser! It’s “Triumph”. Not Triump. What, do you have A.D.D. or something? Did adding the “h” at the end take too much of an attention span? NoSnackForPoo, meet Robin Williams.

    Oh, and I really love this part:

    “Gates isn’t A Cheif Executive Officer, Hince, he’s not on the list.”

    Nooooo, he’s NOT a “Cheif” Executive Officer. And he’s not a C-H-I-E-F Executive Officer, either. Cripes — I’ve seen better spelling from Dan Quayle! Learn to use a spell checker, you zit-covered 9 year-old!! Oh, and by de way — it’s “hence”! What de hell is “Hince”? A new kind of cheese?

    Talk about ebonics. No, I keed, I keed.

    Okay, not this time.

  6. kokosnootjuice — What the hell kind of name is that?

    Good luck finding a kid’s toy license plate with THAT name on it!!! HAH!!!

    Magic word: “head”, as in “I’m going to go get me some . . . “

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