Apple Mac mini ‘perfect for computer user who wants to leave the tyranny of Window and viruses’

“The Mac Mini was launched amid much fanfare by Apple and great excitement by Apple watchers last month. But does the latest Macintosh justify the hype? Let us get a few things dealt with at the outset – yes, the Mac Mini is really, really small, and yes, it is another piece of inspired Apple design,” Darren Waters writes for BBC News. “There is more to be said on the computer’s size and design but it is worth highlighting that the Mac Mini is a just a computer. It is not the fastest computer for the money but for under £400 you are getting something more interesting than mere technical specifications – Apple software.”

“The Mac Mini comes bundled with Mac OS X, the operating system, as well as iLife 05, a suite of software which includes iTunes, web browser Safari, iPhoto, Garage Band and iDVD. I doubt many PC lovers would seriously argue that Windows XP comes with a better suite of programs than Mac OS X,” Waters writes. “‘It’s a good little machine with a reasonable amount of power and just perfect for the average computer user who wants to leave the tyranny of Window and viruses,’ said Mark Sparrow, technical and reviews editor at Mac Format magazine. He added: “In essence, it’s a laptop in a biscuit tin, minus the screen and the keyboard. ‘The software bundle that comes with the mini makes your average budget PC look a bit sick.'”

“The design of the Mac Mini is further evidence of a future when PCs are more than just bland, bulky boxes… For the value the Mac Mini offers, bringing some of the best software packages within reach of more consumers than ever before, Apple is to be congratulated. Let us say then that if the Mac Mini is not a fully fledged revolution – it is a mini revolution,” Waters writes.

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  1. Many here have summed up my experience. I had WIndows for my whole life. Got fed up and tried a Mac. As a PC users, I didn’t know what I was missing. I forgot how much fun computing can be, and I don’t mean the reward you get from fixing another windows bug, I mean the joy that comes from actually seeing a computer work for me instead of me working for my PC. I got this good of a experience with the cheapest Apple iBook I could find. I can only imagine what a high end Mac must be like. When I have to use a PC somewhere, or troubleshoot a friends PC, It’s like being blasted back to the stone age. OS X is miles ahead of anything else I’ve seen.

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