Apple Mac mini ‘perfect for computer user who wants to leave the tyranny of Window and viruses’

“The Mac Mini was launched amid much fanfare by Apple and great excitement by Apple watchers last month. But does the latest Macintosh justify the hype? Let us get a few things dealt with at the outset – yes, the Mac Mini is really, really small, and yes, it is another piece of inspired Apple design,” Darren Waters writes for BBC News. “There is more to be said on the computer’s size and design but it is worth highlighting that the Mac Mini is a just a computer. It is not the fastest computer for the money but for under £400 you are getting something more interesting than mere technical specifications – Apple software.”

“The Mac Mini comes bundled with Mac OS X, the operating system, as well as iLife 05, a suite of software which includes iTunes, web browser Safari, iPhoto, Garage Band and iDVD. I doubt many PC lovers would seriously argue that Windows XP comes with a better suite of programs than Mac OS X,” Waters writes. “‘It’s a good little machine with a reasonable amount of power and just perfect for the average computer user who wants to leave the tyranny of Window and viruses,’ said Mark Sparrow, technical and reviews editor at Mac Format magazine. He added: “In essence, it’s a laptop in a biscuit tin, minus the screen and the keyboard. ‘The software bundle that comes with the mini makes your average budget PC look a bit sick.'”

“The design of the Mac Mini is further evidence of a future when PCs are more than just bland, bulky boxes… For the value the Mac Mini offers, bringing some of the best software packages within reach of more consumers than ever before, Apple is to be congratulated. Let us say then that if the Mac Mini is not a fully fledged revolution – it is a mini revolution,” Waters writes.

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  1. It’s good to see that there are some journalists that are stating to realize that it’s not about the numbers as much as it is about the experience.
    Steve has made sure that Apple is always about the experience. He didn’t even have to name the OS “XP” to make it ‘look’ like it is about the eXPerience, his proof is in the pudding.
    Bill, get the door, Apple’s coming for a visit.

  2. “Let us say then that if the Mac Mini is not a fully fledged revolution – it is a mini revolution,” Waters writes.

    How cute is that play on the word Mini?

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  3. What they don’t say is that these are flying off the shelves and that’s all that matters.

    Oh First Post – where is everyone? Aaahh it’s the weekend! Memo to self: Get a life (!)

  4. Apple will never make a headless iMac! Nor should they! Why the hell should Apple make Mac for $500? It would cheapen Apple’s reputation for making fine computers you idiots. It’s never gonna happen, and for good reason! Get over it!

  5. Granny, I’ll play the obvious card here (just in case you’ve missed the news the last month or so) – it’s way, way too late to “get over it” – things have already happened. And the Mac mini – a $500 Mac – is a damn fine computer.

  6. When I go into Fry´s and see ten sales assitants assigned to the Apple dept. and one for the PeeCees (it is the other way around now), then I will be impressed.
    The mini is a nice little computer, hyped because it is new and cute and lower priced than most Apples.

    But it is not available in most places and I just am not seeing any of the PeeCee owners I know even think about the mini. (The usual comment: “Hey did you see that new Apple computer?” Reply: “No.” End of discussion.) Sorry, but it just ain´t on their radar.

    Apple needs to do a lot of promoting and advertising and not just the computer, the OS.
    And the iLife suite of programs are just so-so; okay, but nothing to make one switch computers for.

  7. Whether it is merely coincidence, or a master plan, I think Apple is moving at an appropriate pace.
    They’ve seeded the market with mini’s to get us zealots talking, boasting, promoting, etc…
    When their production volume is at a level where advertising would benefit sales (right now every one on the shelf sells so where is the need in advertising?) is when they should start pushing the product.
    Hopefully that will be by the time Tiger is starting to ship as well.
    Does anyone know anything about the rumors of Tiger not running very well on the mini?

  8. I think the feedback different people are getting is related to their own feelings for the computer. I am a great fan of Apple and I know half a dozen people who can’t wait for their minis (their first Mac) to arrive.

    minmax evidently is no fan of Apple. I’m sure minmax will disagree vehemently, but if “the iLife suite” is just “so-so” and the programs on the Mac mini (and OS X by inclusion) are “nothing to make one switch”, minmax must not have ever spent much time with OS X.

    I used to think and say the same things, until I gave the Apple experience an honest (unbiased) chance.

    I have been on a Mac for about a year and cannot ever imagine going back (shudder!). I am forced to use Windows NT at work and reluctantly do so, but on my time I will only use a Mac (except for times I go fix my Dad’s HP).

    The only drawback to becoming a Mac user is that (at least for me) one feels excited about every product. Maybe it’s just me, but I went from as little computer use as possible with a pc (because of the security/stability problems) to as much as I can find time for (with a job, wife, son, house, life, etc.) on my Mac.

    My Mac is so usable and stable that it is a joy and I want everything Apple makes so that as many (technological) things in my life are enjoyable as possible.

    In addition to the Indigo iBook clamshell I bought my wife a few years ago (before I saw the light) I have added (in not quite a year)…

    eMac, AirPort Extreme Base Station, AirPort cards for both computers, his and hers iPod minis (silver and blue), and his and hers iPod Shuffles (512MB and 1GB)

    Surely this isn’t the biggest list here, but that isn’t the point. The point is that a year and a half ago I was like minmax saying that Apple’s were nothing special, now I know better and I’ve voted with my wallet. Also, these are just the items I’ve actually been able to acquire…

    But, I want an iMac, a PowerMac, another iBook, a PowerBook, half a dozen iPods (including the new minis with 18hr(!) batteries, and two or three Mac minis to set up around the house (kitchen, bedroom, and of course on the TV).

    I never cared what new pc product was out, nor did I want one, but with six months of up-time on my eMac (and the last re-boot only because of a software update), I do care about Macs.

    In my opinion, the software included on Apple computers (first and foremost OS X) is the best, but by no means only, reason to switch.

    Just my opinion, what does everyone else think?

    NoMacForYou- you can sit this one out, we already put you down for pc’s rule, Macs aren’t any good (you know, your usual witty post).

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    MW: believe (how cool is that?)

  9. Mozfan…

    Glad to have you aboard… sounds like you have spent too much time in the dark… Welcome to the light !!

    Uhhhh …. What took you so long ??

    As far as “minmax” is concerned… his statement..

    “….When I go into Fry´s and see ten sales assitants assigned to the Apple dept. and one for the PeeCees (it is the other way around now), then I will be impressed….”

    says a lot…

    While I can’t speak for others, I have always found the experience of shopping for any Mac related gear at Frys, to be about 10 rungs on the ladder below the same experience you get at CompUSA !!..

    A word to minmax…

    Try visiting a real Apple store, next time…
    check out… … to find the store nearest you !

  10. To Mozfan: Duuuuude! You sound like me. I just got my first Mac in November 2004. I got the iMac G5 20″ – yeeeehaw! I jumped in with both feet – well, almost. A dual G5 PowerMac would really be jumping in with both feet. But, this is a good start. I got an iPod in August as a birthday gift. That is what pushed me over the edge to finally purchase a Mac. I’m very happy with it. I too have to work on Windows at work, but at home and in all my spare time (also having wife, kids, work, life, etc) it’s my Mac all the way. After reformatting and re-installing Windows XP on two of our PC’s my kids want a Mac. They are tired of having to start over every 6 months or so. When the PC’s were breaking, they were asking to play their online games on the Mac. Even they have started saying, “Of course it works on the Mac, it always works on the Mac!”

    I’m going back to school in a few weeks and I’m looking into getting a PowerBook so that I can study at the library. The course is all online.

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  11. Let me sum up the impact of the mini with this:

    I’ve been using PC’s for about 18 years. I’d never owned a Mac.

    I’m typing this on a mini and today ordered a Dual G5.

    How’s that for impact?

  12. What is all this talk about “HYPE” surrounding the Mac Mini?? According to Wikipedia, “HYPE” is:

    “A hyperbole, largely synonymous with exaggeration and overstatement, is a figure of speech in which statements are exaggerated or extravagant. It may be used due to strong feelings or is used to create a strong impression and is not meant to be taken literally.”

    I haven’t heard much hype at all….just good reviews. Apple hasn’t even advertised the Mac Mini yet as far as I know. In fact, Steve Jobs barely gave it a mention at Macwold when he introduced it. And most of the stuff written about it comes from favorable reviews in respectable publications.

    It’s not hype. Its real. It is a bona fide hit because it is a smart little machine.

  13. I think the mini could be phenomenally successful as an add-on computer for limited tasks, not one’s main computer, which is not to say that some will not use it as their main computer.

    Point is: If the market can find compelling uses for it, perhaps with Apple’s encouragement via specialized software (media server, for example), then this might become a whole new category. At the moment, tinkerers are pushing the envelope. I hope Apple is paying attention.

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