Real CEO pitches to half empty room at tech symposium; Apple draws standing-room-only crowd

“RealNetworks pioneered digital media in the 1990s and doubled its music-subscription business last year, but Wall Street’s playing a different tune nowadays,” Brier Dudley reports for The Seattle Times. “When RealNetworks founder and chief executive, Rob Glaser, pitched his stock yesterday at the Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium, the room was half empty and only a handful of investors stayed around to ask questions.”

“Digital media is hot, but RealNetworks apparently is not, at least in comparison with Apple. Apple boss Steve Jobs didn’t make it to Goldman’s conference, but the company’s chief financial officer came and drew a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 institutional investors,” Dudley reports. “Glaser was undaunted by Apple stealing the limelight. ‘Apple’s got a hot product right now so obviously people are focused on that,’ he said. ‘But in terms of being one of the core companies up there, they look at us in digital media in the same sentence as Apple or Microsoft.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have an insatiable craving for an original glased Krispie Kreme right about now. By the way, QuickTime, announced in May 1991, is the pioneer, certainly not Real. RealNetworks (then known as Progressive Networks) wasn’t even founded by ex-Microsoft executive Rob Glaser until 1993. In February 1994, Apple Computer introduced QuickTime 2.0 which featured interactive television, music and full-screen video support. RealVideo debuted three long years later in February 1997.

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  1. RealNetworks in the same sentence with Apple and Microsoft when it comes to digital media. Here, let me try:

    “When it comes to digtal media, Apple is on the cutting edge, while Microsoft and RealNetworks only deliver 100% pure shit.”

    Good enough!

  2. ‘But in terms of being one of the core companies up there, they look at us in digital media in the same sentence as Apple or Microsoft.’

    Yea right. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. What a load! I’m sure Apple’s crowd browned Glaser’s shorts in a major way. He’s such a tool. All that’s left are just muscle spasms, twitching long after the body’s dead.

  4. “…the room was half empty and only a handful of investors stayed around to ask questions.”. I imagine that it was so quiet at the close of Glaser’s pitch you could hear crickets chirping in the background.

    Its amazing there are actually people that would invest in that! Anybody have any beachfront property on the moon left for these folks?

  5. So Glaser said “Apple’s got a hot product right now so obviously people are focused on that”

    Which means that Apple has a hot product and Napster hasn’t.

    Apple’s making money at an ever increasing rate and Napster are spending money at an ever increasing rate.

    At least he won’t have to face the embarrassment of talking to a half-empty room next time. There won’t be a Napster next time.

  6. Glaser, yessssss. What a tool! I mean, you can feel the donut grease oozing from his pores just looking at him. Yessss. Hey Rob, tell me, how many Real executives does it take to loose to Apple? . . . . . . . . Come onnnn, Rob! It’s an easy answer. You know it. I know you do. Here’s a hint: Do you have a mirror handy?

    No really, Rob, you’re a great big, fat, lazy Real dork . . .


  7. You know, I like to look at how a CEO looks, I think that the way they take care of themselves is a reflection on how they take care of their company.

    Steve Jobs looks in great shape, he is slim, tall, and during almost all of every keynote I have ever seen him do, he was standing and walking around the whole time. He is a vegetarian, something that requires a lot of work to maintain (I know, I’ve tried). When you look at him, you get this sense that you are really going to like him.

    Bill Gates is thin, pale, and has almost no muscle on his body. During his keynote, he was sitting down, slouched over, pointing at things and making all of his gestures in the small bubble around his face (a good indication that someone is lying).

    Rob Glaser is out of shape, a lot. He’s never going to get into shape, he just doesn’t care. I bet he has never declined an item of food in his life. It isn’t his fault though, he most likely had a mother that fed him junk.

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