Die Welt: U.S President George Bush is ‘the Steve Jobs of World Politics’

“US President George W. Bush is safely back in America, but commentators continue to ponder the last leg of his European visit — his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports. “Specifically, they ask, who holds the real power? Is Bush kowtowing to Moscow or does Moscow have to kneel at the feet of the world’s only remaining superpower?”

“The conservative Die Welt comes up with the day’s oddest and most weirdly thought-out editorial in which the author manages to both compare Bush to Franklin D. Roosevelt and to crown him ‘the Steve Jobs of world politics.’ Essentially, the paper says, Bush wants to be a great reformer, both in terms of domestic and foreign politics. Domestically, he wants to revamp America to the same degree FDR did with his New Deal, only for Bush, the program might be called the ‘Ownership Society,’ the paper says. ‘The target is: We want to break with all losers, domestically that means the Roosevelt social state, internationally with all states that have anything to do with terror. The new plan involves marketing, surprises, big design overhauls.’ As such, says the paper, Bush is like the endlessly creative (and fabulously wealthy) founder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports.

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  1. Here’s the funny thing:

    Those of you that insist on calling (and maybe even thinking that) Bush is “stupid” are doing exactly as Bush wishes. He’s not stupid, but those those blinded by partisan “hate” are being manipulated by a very smart Bush into thinking that way for a reason. Bush is a genius politician. History will judge him so – I know, I’m one who will help to write it.

  2. Dave H – I totally agree with you, but you have to consider that Wiener Schnitzel refers to Vienna (Wien is german for Vienna) which is the capital of AUSTRIA. but on all other points i totally agree, and this comes from a german such as myself.

    As for this story, yes, leave it to the germans to to draw such an analogy. But, i also have to say, that germany is very sublty anti-Apple. as it (Apple) does not conform the the german “sheep” mentality. Microsoft has exploited this mentality in the germans and to about 90 % of germans here, Bill Gates is king. They won’t even acknowledge that anything else but Microschrott exists.

  3. I really have to ask why MDN would even post this knowing that this country is divided and they KNOW this will start a war of words.

    MDN, stop the political articles… and let our war monger get back to “healing” this nation by cutting domestic spending and raising the war budget, send more money to countries that have hated us, continue to hate us, and will not start liking us no matter how much $$$$ you send. Heck, let me work some overtime this week to help my tax dollars go to help some more people die. WTG GW (the biggest WMD around)

    The Dude abides.

    Magic word: yet …. as in… I have yet to see why this moron got relected… 4 more years of this BS!? I wonder if Canada has any Apple tech jobs open?

  4. Unfortunately, Bush and Jobs are dissimilar in at least one aspect I can think of: Bush doesn’t fire enough people.

    If Cheney, Rodriguez, Rumsfield or Wolfwitz (and Ashcroft, from the last administration) worked at Apple, they wouldn’t survive an elevator ride with Jobs!

  5. Not every Mac owners are Bush haters. What is going on here? Although I’m not a political activist, I like President Bush and most of his policies. The way our political system works you can only have one extreme or the other. Over the long haul it averages out to where the country as a whole wants to go. We’ve had far too much of the democrates say on things during the last decade, and now Bush is just righting the ship to even keel. Hopefully when his presidency is over he’ll have our country pointed toward to republican views becuase the next president will probably be a democrate and will steer us back. It how our politics work, becuase there is nothing flashy enough out a person who will middle road to get them elected. Compromise is the only true political answer, but Joe six pack can’t be excited about a candidate that says he will meet people in the middle. It’s actually says alot about America.


  6. BUSH is a moron! Period! He is changing the world before our eyes… for the WORSE! we are the laughing stock of the world and hated worldwide. Way to go douchebag bush.

  7. knobdesigner

    I’m European living in the UK and the majority of intelligent, high earning Europeans I come in to contact with admire Bush and his policies and the values of the majority of US Americans.

    You only reflect on yourself describing others as morons by the way.

  8. To bring this down a bit:
    “Die Welt” once was a respected newspaper, now it’s only a notch above the mass daily “Bild”. Like the entire Springer publishing house, they are so deep up in George Bush’s ass that they have lost sight of the world around them.
    To draw an analogy between both men is almost comical. G.B. could not persuade a man suffering from cholera to visit the john. All he did during his trip was to suck up to the various European politicians he had rubbed the wrong way in his first term, trying to convince them to throw a few Euros into the direction of Irak. Of course, Schroeder and Chirac were not an iota better, all of them trying to cover the shit with a thick icing. I could not eat as much as I wanted to puke.
    Am I anti-Bush? Not particularly. I guess I’m just anti-politician.

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