Die Welt: U.S President George Bush is ‘the Steve Jobs of World Politics’

“US President George W. Bush is safely back in America, but commentators continue to ponder the last leg of his European visit — his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports. “Specifically, they ask, who holds the real power? Is Bush kowtowing to Moscow or does Moscow have to kneel at the feet of the world’s only remaining superpower?”

“The conservative Die Welt comes up with the day’s oddest and most weirdly thought-out editorial in which the author manages to both compare Bush to Franklin D. Roosevelt and to crown him ‘the Steve Jobs of world politics.’ Essentially, the paper says, Bush wants to be a great reformer, both in terms of domestic and foreign politics. Domestically, he wants to revamp America to the same degree FDR did with his New Deal, only for Bush, the program might be called the ‘Ownership Society,’ the paper says. ‘The target is: We want to break with all losers, domestically that means the Roosevelt social state, internationally with all states that have anything to do with terror. The new plan involves marketing, surprises, big design overhauls.’ As such, says the paper, Bush is like the endlessly creative (and fabulously wealthy) founder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports.

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  1. No offense to the President, but George is no Steve — Jobs has style, class. Bush on the other hand, well, lets be honest, he has trouble just speaking the english language.

  2. Yup — although Steve does have a problem pronoucing the word “jaguar.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    (Magic word is “right”, which is the wing that we’re about to start hearing lots of screaming from.)

  3. Every time something really strange comes up, like some guy eating his boyfriend, a couple who think they’re vampires, or DJ Otzi, it’s the bloody Germans at the heart of it.

    The Germans are just weird. It’s bad enough they came up with Wienerschnitzel and oompah music, and now THIS???

  4. Reagan was treated almost as badly as Bush during his presidency, so one can only imagine how well Bush’s presidency will be regarded by historians. People, can’t you see that Bush is a revolutionary leader, taking bold strokes, and changing the world for the better before your very eyes? If not, what’s blinding you to the obvious? George W. Bush is the Steve Jobs of world politics.

    Bush has strong ideas and is willing to act on them decisively. It’s wonderful to see, especially after having to live through the indecisive and lackluster joke presidencies like Clinton and Carter.

  5. I am sure Steve Jobs does not like Bush being compared to him given his political leanings, but the comparison is more accurate than I first thought.

    Bush, like Apple believes he has a better way and a large segment of the population just doesn’t get it. Both offer innovations that many fail to understand until sometime later.

    Both are known for creating fiercely loyal supporters. Both tend to go their way without thinking of public opinion. And both seem to be be transparent so you know what they believe.

    Politics asside – there are many comparisons. I prefer to keep the debates seperate. As Macs are the best choice for both the conservative and the liberal.

    However, SJ is a much more captivating speaker. Bush does not speak well, but he does seem to get his ideas out, just with out the polish of many others – that is the goal of communications.

  6. Actually, many of Bush’s State of the Union and his latest Inaugural addresses were wonderfully written and delivered, regardless of whether you like or dislike the ideas Bush communicated. Of course, Bush doesn’t write every word of his own speeches, but he does write portions, edit, and approve of the ideas and language.

    Bush is not stupid, folks. Far from it. Very far from it.

  7. Steve Jobs and George Bush should never, ever, be mentioned in the same breath. What an f’ing joke. Imagine if georgie was at the helm at Apple. My God, Apple would be history and w. would have been caught for insider trading 5 or 6 times (but his daddy would have stepped in to save the day again) Bush has strong ideas that give the haves and have mores, more, that’s it. You are being lied to and you don’t even know it.

    Stop listening to drug filled Rush and stop watching fox news, they are filling your small head with garbage. Also go out and read a book called “What’s the matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank, that is if you can read.

  8. being a president is more than a perfected smile and slick words. clinton was, from a political standpoint, a little boy in a suit, throwing rocks randomly in different directions, depending on the polls. Bush has shown, and proven, himself to be a top-notch global polititian.

    So we see then, that the comparison is fitting (at least for the history of apple). Bush and Apple have had very poor marketing success, but substance, while clinton and windows had great marketing success, but only cheapness.

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