Banc of America: Apple will sell ‘below 250,000’ Mac mini units this quarter

Banc of America Securities raised estimates and the target price on Apple Computer, citing strong demand for new products. Banc of America said demand for the iPod shuffle ‘is significantly stronger than we anticipated’ while ‘Mac mini product availability has been scarce,'” Forbes reports.

“The research firm raised the unit sales estimate for the iPod shuffle to 1.2 million units for the quarter ending in March from 700,000, although ‘our sense is actual results could be higher.’ Banc of America sees Apple selling 200,000 Mac mini units with production ramps keeping the number ‘below 250,000,'” Forbes reports. “The firm raised the fiscal second-quarter estimate to earnings of 44 cents per share from 40 cents, raised the fiscal 2005 view to $2.11 from $1.87, and raised the fiscal 2006 view to $2.50 from $2.16. Banc of America raised the target price on Apple to $97 from $85 and maintained a ‘buy’ rating.”

MacDailyNews Take: If correct, due to ramp up of Mac mini production, the really important Mac mini numbers will come in the 3rd and, of course, 4th (Christmas) quarters, not the current one.

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  1. ‘Below 250,000 units’ per quarter? What a way to spin… Apple was originally planning 100,000 units. Maybe the headline should be ‘Apple will sell as many as 250,000 units.’

  2. I’ve noticed that the Apple store is a good indicator of system sales numbers

    their “TOP SELLERS” shows trends..

    1. seller is the shuffle…

    the Mac mini is consistently in the top 10 for the past month.

    and the iMac, ibook were in the top 20 for the longest time.

    the iMac and iBook represents 250-350,000 sales…so the mini is definitely AHEAD of that pace.

    I have a feeling Bill Palmer’s predication may come true and that the Mac mini is EATING higher priced system sales in the short term..we’ll see how long term numbers hold up or if the Mini can really be a million/quarter unit sales.

  3. So Apple only “gets it right” if demand is LOWER than they predict?

    Hmmm… doesn’t Apple get slammed for that too when it happens?

    The goal is NOT to predict availability precisely. it can’t be done. The goal is to sell a lot.

    If a product is scarce because Apple doesn’t make many, that’s a problem. And not always Apple’s: they don’t limit G5 production and they don’t limit HD production. Nothing they can do will “get it right” if the suppliers are the problem.

    If it’s scarce because Apple makes a TON and they STILL sell, then that’s GOOD.

  4. Scarcity? I don’t get it. Ther Apple Store here in Las Vegas has plenty of everything. Ipods, ipod minis, shuffle, mac minis, you name it.
    Maybe we are just lucky.

  5. actually, the goal IS to predict demand correctly. that way they can maximize their profit. i recall at the last fiscal results meeting/whatever they said that their supply of shuffles and mac minis was very much in line with their projections. if all this is true, boy were they wrong.


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