Banc of America analyst estimates 900,000 Apple Mac mini units to be sold in 2005

“Analyst Keith Bachman of Banc of America Securities, in a research note published this morning, “mentions that the FY05 sales estimate for the company’s iPod Shuffle product has been raised from 4.4 million to 5 million units. Banc of America Securities expresses its optimism regarding the iPod Shuffle’s sales prospects in the global market,” reports. “The demand for Apple Computer’s Mac Mini continues to be robust and the sales estimate for the product has been raised from 305,000 to 900,000 units, the analyst says.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The estimate has already been raised from 305,000 to 900,000 units for 2005. It’s only February, so look for that estimate to be “adjusted” throughout the year. For the record, MacDailyNews currently estimates “over 1,000,000” Mac mini units will be sold in 2005. And we feel very comfortable with our estimate.

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  1. I think that boat loads of MacMini’s will be sold. Some of the new markets so far are auto and home automation. The iPod in the car thing has sparked interest for the Mac in the Car thing. Built-in speech recognition and the wireless options further make the MacMini the best choice for car integration. Size and easy mounting of the MacMini make it ideal as a perfectly small computer for controlling home appliances and home security. Home designers can use the MacMini as an invisible multimedia controller to go along with large fancy in wall entertainment systems. The MacMini is perfect for these new embedded computing environments. I’m curious to see if new hardware “hacks” will be introduced that utilize the mezzanine interface internally. Perhaps if Apple wanted to make current MacMini’s more graphically powerful, they could make a replacement mezzanine board that has additional graphics memory. Perhaps a 3d party combo bluetooth 2.0 module/ over the air HDTV tuner could be made so the MacMini can do double duty as a computer and HDTV tuner. I remember that when the Mezzanine slot was included on the first generation iMac, some innovative company used it to add a high end second graphics card to it. Perhaps this mezzanine slot is just as open.

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