Banc of America analyst estimates 900,000 Apple Mac mini units to be sold in 2005

“Analyst Keith Bachman of Banc of America Securities, in a research note published this morning, “mentions that the FY05 sales estimate for the company’s iPod Shuffle product has been raised from 4.4 million to 5 million units. Banc of America Securities expresses its optimism regarding the iPod Shuffle’s sales prospects in the global market,” reports. “The demand for Apple Computer’s Mac Mini continues to be robust and the sales estimate for the product has been raised from 305,000 to 900,000 units, the analyst says.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The estimate has already been raised from 305,000 to 900,000 units for 2005. It’s only February, so look for that estimate to be “adjusted” throughout the year. For the record, MacDailyNews currently estimates “over 1,000,000” Mac mini units will be sold in 2005. And we feel very comfortable with our estimate.

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  1. The controling factor in the number of Mac mini’s sold is the number that can be manufactured per quarter. Apple is on record saying the capacity is 1/4 million per quarter. Saying they will sell a million this year is not a risky prediction.

  2. Apple may have contracted with the manufacturer to make 250K minis a quarter, but if they are experiencing a large demand, they will increase the quota. I don’t think the manufacturer is going to complain.

    The question is whether they have already adjusted the quota. It took a while for Apple to start selling bucket loads of ipods, so it might take a while to ramp up mini demand and supply. I still think 900K is a small number. Apple easily sell that many iMacs and iBooks and both of those items are at least twice the price of a mini.

  3. My nephew got his iPod Shuffle a couple of weeks ago and loves it. My new Mac mini is in the Living Room connected to an EyeTV unit and an Apple DVI to Video Adapter.
    The MDN magic word is “Green” , like Dell being “Green with Envy”.

  4. Sweet Mac brethren mine,

    This whole thread together with the anal-ysts’ predictions is very similar to those many iPod prediction-threads last year.
    The analysts’ predictions were usually totally wrong and we (the Mac brotherhood) were sometimes right but often partially wrong – we were seldom as mistaken as the analysts.
    But all of us (Mac brethren and analysts) tended to underestimate the iPod sales.
    So I’m going to jump over my own shadow and say:-


  5. uhhhh…. when did “Bank of America” ….become “Banc of America” ??

    Please ….no one tell me it was about the same time Rock n Roll became “Classic Rock”….. cuz I dont remember when that happened, either !

    Magic word is “deep”…. as in Knee deep in the Hoopla !

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