Griffin debuts Dock400 FireWire cable for Apple iPods

Griffin Technology today announced the Griffin Technology Dock400. The Dock400 is a FireWire 400 cable for synching and charging your iPod with your FireWire-equipped Mac or PC.

The Dock400 cable is 4 feet in length and uses Apple-approved connectors. The griffin Dock400 can be used with Apple’s iPod Dock or plugged directly into your iPod’s Dock Connector port. The Griffin Dock400 cable costs $17.95 and will begin shipping the first week of March.

More info here.

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  1. Great, now Mac owners are only out $17.95 instead of $20, thanks to Griffin. Stupid move, Apple. Give us a choice at your online store at the very least. You should treat your Mac users like gold, not shit.

  2. Yessssss. Leave it to Griffin to step in with de speed of Secretariat and fill an Apple hole. Yes. You’ve got to give it to them. I mean, you’re saving a whole $2.05 compared to Apple. $2.05!!! Wow. Griffin, I , I don’t know what to say. Another entry in your product matrix that seems like something I need, yet . . . yet it’s just a cable! I mean, that’s . . . that’s brilliant . . .


  3. “Wonderful” – the Apple firewire cable costs $19, not $20. And it is a choice on the on-line store… for $19.

    Question: Does your Mac not have a USB port? Just wondering.

  4. Whoa!!! that’s a whole $1.05 savings off of Apple’s $19.00 iPod Firewire Cable… What a deal… OMIGHOD! My mind is reeling with with all the things I can do with my saved $1.05!!!

    Thanks Griffin! NOT!

    Knock $10.00 off of the price and then I’ll get excited.

    Eh, fuggit, with that meager savings, I think I’ll just pay the extra $1.05 to have the bitchin’ Apple logo at the end of the connector.

  5. I own a $4,500+ Mac that’s less than 18 months old that does not have USB 2.0, just USB 1.1.

    This is what I deserve for being an Apple customer? “Go buy the FireWire cable since we only really care about Windows iPod users,” is what Apple seems to be telling me.

    Why can’t Apple let iPod buyers choose between FireWire or USB 2.0 iPod cable on their online store at the very least?

    Apple’s screwed up here.

  6. Ummm, this doesn’t really address the issue does it? I think Apple should offer the buyers the choice of USB 2.0 or Firewire. At the very least on the Online Store site. This just makes sense.

    Apple has one of the most loyal user bases of any company in the world, they should put forth at least some effort to respond to that communities needs. Other companies spend millions trying to achieve what Apple already has in the way of consumer loyalty and it takes much less effort to maintain something like this than to build it from the ground up.

  7. What Apple should have done is put the FireWire+USB Combo cable in the iPod mini/photo’s box. It retails for $19 – the same price as the individual FW and USB cables. This way, Apple only has to provide ONE cable, but NO ONE is left out.

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