Apple’s Mac mini might well convince Windows users to switch to Mac OS X

“As a long-time [Windows] PC user, I’ve always held a secret suspicion that life might be better with a Mac. There’s no denying Apple’s machines are sleeker and sexier than their bulky PC brethren, but they’ve typically been more expensive too,” Richard McKeethen writes for Inside Bay Area. “Apple fans, like Ferrari owners, have always paid a premium for the cachet of an Apple logo on the box. But with last month’s introduction of the new Mac mini computer, the cost of owning a Mac may finally have dropped low enough to entice many PC users away from the Microsoft monopoly.”

“At a retail price of just $499, the Mac mini is one of the most affordable systems ever to come out of Apple’s engineering labs in Cupertino. Palatable price aside, it’s also incredibly stylish — the system is far more enticing to the eye then any other low-cost PC you’re likely to find. It’s not much larger than a short stack of CDs, making it easy to slip the computer into a backpack or a briefcase,” McKeethen writes.

“I haven’t spent much time with an Apple since the old Mac LC I owned more than a decade ago, but I had few problems getting comfortable with Apple OS-X operating system,” McKeethen writes. “The Mac mini comes with all of the typical software most computer users expect to have these days, plus a few extra goodies you probably wouldn’t see on a low-cost PC… If you’re interested in dabbling in Mac land… it’s hard to beat the price. The Mac mini might well convince PC geeks like me to switch, and it sure looks a lot better on my dining room table than any PC ever has.”

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  1. I work on thousands of Windoze boxes, been a Mac user since 1985. I switch people to Mac’s all the time, never had one say Im going back!!!!!!!!! The Mac mini will indeed help the switch curve. GO APPLE GO!!!!!!

  2. “The Mac mini comes with all of the typical software most computer users expect to have these days, plus a few extra goodies you probably wouldn’t see on a low-cost PC…” ?!?! Say what?!?!

    Just how far up your butt can you get your head? You won’t find the software like comes free on *every* Mac on any PC period. You can’t even buy PC equivalents to some of what comes free on every Mac. Forget the hardware comparisons (or not – even without software the Mac kicks butt) and compare a new PC to a new Mac based on software value. Expensive? Buying a Mac is waaaaaay cheaper than buying a slightly cheaper box and then having to purchase the feeble attempts at matching software in the PC world.

    And stop calling me Shirley

  3. I agree… I recently purchased the Mini as a toy to play with the mac os. I was so impressed that I am returning it and getting a Dual G5. This from a lifelong PC power user! Go Apple! Also, I love my iPod too! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I was listening to Leo Laporte’s podcast of a show from a while back. A switcher called asking what Leo thought. Well, Leo is a big mac fan and pretty much said that if he himself buys a computer for his family or has to choose which to use himself, he chooses a Mac. He didn’t go into details much but did emphasize that the Mac has no spyware, adware, viruses, etc and comes with great software to do all the common tasks concerning digital content that most people would be interested in.

    Of course a majority of Leo’s audience use PCs and he also made sure to point out the advantages of a windows machine. These were that you could get a faster machine for a little cheaper especially if you build it yourself, more games for the PC and games come out for the PC first, sometimes there is more software for the PC – he specifically mentioned AutoCAD, and finally that web browsing is faster on a PC. He really tries hard to remain neutral on the subject but you can tell that he just wants to tell people to buy a Mac. Anyway, I like Leo and thought it was a pretty fair evaluation. He could have pointed out more of the selling points of OS X but I can understand why he has to maintain as much neutrality as he can on the subject given his audience. He also mentioned that Mac Zealotry can be a turnoff for some people thinking of switching so I think that in his way he is trying to steer people to the Mac with a bit of a softer touch.

    One final point Leo mentioned was that if you are a non-technically minded person and your tech support person/friend is a windows person then you should probably buy windows and if your tech support person is a Machead then you should definitely buy a Mac. This made me think that as advocates of the Mac Platform this is the most valuable support we can provide – promising to help out if someone buys a Mac. We all know that it will take a tenth of the time and trouble to support someone with a Mac than it would someone with a PC and this is also a way in which we can use what talent/knowledge we have to make the world a little bit better in a small way.

    “Making the world a happier place, one switcher at a time.”™

  5. Oh wow, (gush, gush) we bought minis for everyone in our family. We are now the most happy family in the whole wide world! Formally we were with the evil pc cult and now we have seen the light and gone Apple. Praise the guider of the bits, Steve.
    Now we are on a crusade to switch everyone we know to go mini or Apple.
    It is now a wonderful world we live in, no viruses, no ad ware -now if the spam email would stop and we could play more games.
    Thank you mini, Thank you Apple.
    One happy mini family

  6. I have a short story for you guys in somewhat relating to this story. I was telling my mother in law the advantages of the mac over crap windows. She’s somewhat computer literate. I told her the mac does not have any viruses compared to thousands and thousands for windows. She told me “well, not yet” and then laughed kinda made me upset. But I still plug along on my Imac G5 and very happy with it. I will appreciate any comments. Thanks

  7. JR, your mother-in-law suffers from cognitive dissonance. Offer to bet her a hundred bucks (or more if you can afford it) that in a year OS X will still be virus free. The pattern of her brain waves will change.

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